College Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable

Faculty Instructional Technology Inititiative


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  • Professor: Dan Harrison (Music)
    Title: Streaming Multimedia Course Reserves for the College Music Program
    Grant: $2,300
    Description: Numerous musical examples were digitized and made available over the web via streaming audio.
  • Professor: Tom Jones (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
    Title: Interactive web pages for lecture demonstrations and laboratories
    Grant: $4,608
    Description: Student employees created java applets for simulations.
  • Professor: Tom Gibson (Anthropology)
    Title: Between Field site and Classroom: Using the World Wide Web to Enhance Instruction
    Grant: $315
    Description: A web accessible database was created. Students in an Anthropology 101 Quest course went into the field and recorded observations directly into the database from home or lab computers.
  • Professor: Renee Smith (Political Science)
    Title: Internet Surveys as a Learning Tool
    Grant: $1,920
    Description: Online survey software (Survey Solutions) was installed on lab computers for use by Smith¹s classes.
  • Professor: Jack Mottley (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
    Title: Increasing Instructional Technology Use in Engineering Classes at UR
    Grant: Funding for travel to a workshop
  • Professor: Brian Goldfarb (Art and Art History)
    Title: Digital Media Arts: Integrating Multimedia Teaching Across Studio Arts Program and Film Studies
    Grant: Funding for travel to a workshop
  • Professor: Robert Kreilick/W. Udo Schröder (Chemistry)
    Title: Technology for the Enhancement of Junior Level Chemistry Courses
    Grant: Funding for travel to a workshop


  • Professor: Richard Eisenberg, John Muenter (Chemistry)
    Title: Newsgroups in Introductory Chemistry
    Grant: $4,550
    Description: Student assistants will be hired to develop assignments that will be presented to, and solved by, students in Introductory Chemistry courses via course newsgroups.
  • Professor: S.R.S. Rao Poduri (Statistics)
    Title: Information Technology for Statistics Courses
    Grant: $2,000
    Description: A student will be hired to develop new (java-based) ways to present statistical analyses and to facilitate use of traditional software tools such as Minitab and Excel in the classroom.
  • Professor: Dan Beaumont (Religion and Classics)
    Title: Digital Curriculum for a new course, The Blues
    Grant: $1,000
    Description: Using streaming software and infrastructure in place in the Ed Tech Center, the grant will support a student to digitize audio files for student use in his new course.
  • Professor: Elizabeth Cohen (Art and Art History)
    Title: Support for new educational technologies at Sage Art Center and faculty training in advanced digital technologies
    Grant: $3,500
    Description: Student assistants will be hired to develop a pilot "peer mentoring" program to support the new technology facilities and program in the Sage Art Center. Also Cohen will receive funding to take an advanced course at RIT.


  • Professor: Barbara Ilardi (Clinical and Social Psychology)
    Title: New Tools for Teaching Psychology in the 21st Century
    Grant: $3,600
    Description: Developed and administered a survey to assess departmental needs for technology training. Provide workshop series for department to meet these needs.
  • Professor: David Albonesi (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
    Title: Interactive Graphical Demonstrations for a Revamped Core Computer Engineering Course
    Grant: $3,500
    Description: A student will be hired to create graphical computer simulations for concepts key to the mastery of engineering concepts required for the mandatory course ECE 200.
  • Professor: Thomas Hahn (English)
    Title: Interactive Course Sites with Enhanced Resources for Gateway Courses in English
    Grant: $3,000
    Description: A student will be hired to create course web sites for two of the major English courses offered (ENG 140 and ENG 150). Additionally, image galleries may be created and audio and video resources may be digitized for student access to materials.
  • Professor: Udo Schröder (Chemistry)
    Title: Development and Maintenance of a Computer-Assisted Learning Environment for a Large Introductory Chemistry Class
    Grant: $4,500
    Description: Travel to a conference. Development of web-based course materials.


  • Professor: Chunlei Guo (Optics)
    Title: Instrumental Improvements for OPT256: Optics Laboratory
    Grant: $4,000
    Description: Hire students to develop instruments that provide for hands-on instruction in new areas of Optics.
  • Professor: Barbara Ilardi and Harry Reis (Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology)
    Title: Interactive, Web-based Surveys for Teaching Psychology
    Grant: $3,300
    Description: Hire student employee to test various survey software packages. Determine best software to meet needs of Psychology department and plan for implementation.
  • Professor: Rick Iuli (Biology)
    Title: Cmap, a web-based concept mapping program
    Grant: $2,084
    Description: Hire consultant to work with ITS to install CMAP software and to provide seminar on use of CMAP program in Biology curriculum.
  • Professor: James McGrath (Biomedical Engineering)
    Title: Teaching MATLAB Programming in BME201
    Grant: $1,200
    Description: Hire students to develop web-based simulation of in-class examples and prepare a course project using Matlab.
  • Professor: Anthony Olek (Biology)
    Title: Web-based tutorials for Lower Level Biology Laboratories
    Grant: $3,000
    Description: Hire student to create web-based tutorials for standard software use in Biology labs. Also create digital video for Biology lab procedures.


  • Professor: Shifang Yu (Modern Languages and Cultures)
    Title: Online Chinese Language Instruction
    Grant: $4,959
    Description: Develop a web site which contains audio recording of spoken Chinese for oral and listening exercise, scans of various worksheets used in Chinese instruction, as well as the standard course materials (syllabus, notes, etc).
  • Professor: Judith Smetana (Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology)
    Title: Increasing Instructional Technology Use in Teaching Adolescent Development and Moral Development
    Grant: $1,600
    Description: Conversion of lecture materials into Powerpoint, as well as digitization of images and videos for classroom use.
  • Professor: Kevin McFarland (Physics and Astronomy)
    Title: Development of a WeBWorK-based server for Preflight Questions in Introductory Physics Classes
    Grant: $3,200
    Description: Develop a simple, reliable interface for serve just-in-time teaching pre-lecture questions to students and to deliver pre-processed output to professors in the introductory Physics courses.
  • Professor: Thomas B. Jones (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
    Title: Java-based Interactive nomograms as Learning Tools
    Grant: $3,940
    Description: Extend work on the 1998-99 project for creating a web-based tool for using nomograms. Continued work on the project will eliminate bugs and make the system more user-friendly.


  • Professor: Arie Bodek and Frank Wolfs (Physics and Astronomy)
    Title: Distance Learning; Across Campus and Across the Nation
    Grant: $4,805
    Description: Purchase equipment to allow for distance learning between River Campus and Eastman School.
  • Professor: Andrew Berger (Optics)
    Title: Generating feedback on conceptual questions in electromagnetic theory
    Grant: $1,640
    Description: Funding for travel to a conference to learn more about pedagogical use of feedback to test understanding of concepts.
  • Professor: Beth Buggenhagen (Anthropology)
    Title: Digital Archive for West African Sources
    Grant: $2,940
    Description: Student funding to support digitization of materials.


  • Professor: Andrew Berger (Optics)
    Title: Interactive computer simulation modules for electromagnetic theory and biomedical optics
    Grant: $2000
    Description: Hire student programmer to create Matlab simulation modules for use in OPT 276/476.
  • Professor: Nigel Maister (Theatre)
    Title: UR International Theatre Program Live Video
    Grant: $4000
    Description: Purchase of equipment to allow for digital video mixing of live performance.
  • Professor: Judith Smetana (Psychology)
    Title: Increasing Instructional Technology Use in Teaching Adolescent Development and Moral Development
    Grant: $1600
    Description: Purchase of new resources for the course, as well as hiring a student to digitize works.


  • Professor: Janet Berlo (Art & Art History)
    Title: None
    Grant: $2000
    Description: Digitization of personal slide collection to digital format for use in future courses.
  • Professor: Joyce McDonogh (Linguistics)
    Title: Digital Library of Spoken Language and Linguistic Structures
    Grant: $3600
    Description: Creation of database of speech examples.
  • Professor: Greta Niu (English)
    Title: Immersive Web sites and Media Participation for Media Classes
    Grant: $400
    Description: Investigation into virtual world tools for potential use in future courses.
  • Professor: Donatella Stocchio-Perruchio (Modern Languages & Cultures)
    Title: A Virtual Grand Tour on Dante's Footsteps: A Multimedia Companion to the Divine Comedy
    Grant: $2000
    Description: Collection of multimedia supporting Dante and the Divine Comedy.
  • Professor: Ted Suppalla (American Sign Language)
    Title: American Sign Language Video Library (ASLVL) Expansion and Upgrade
    Grant: $1800
    Description: Creation of graphical ASL learning tools and database driven content structure
  • Professor: Rebecca Webb (Linguistics)
    Title: Researching a Multimedia Linguistics Library
    Grant: $500
    Description: Discovery of multimedia materials for courses.



  • Professor: Stephanie Ashenfelder (Art & Art History)
    Title: Artist' Books: A Digital Publishing Workshop Series
    Grant: $1740
    Description: Funding to support visiting speakers for a workshop series on the design and production of editioned artists books.
  • Professor: Steve Burns (Mechanical Engineering)
    Title: Bringing the Lab into the Classroom
    Grant: $2600
    Description: Creation of demonstration videos for materials science instruction
  • Professor: Alison Frontier (Chemistry)
    Title: Not Voodoo: A web site dedicated to the demystification of Organic Laboratory Techniques
    Grant: $2200
    Description: Student to work on web site to provide better features, more robust support.
  • Professor: Greta Niu (English)
    Title: Media Participation for Media Classes
    Grant: $1410
    Description: Creation of media clips for use in class.
  • Professor: Ted Pawlicki (Computer Science)
    Title: Personal Robotics in Education
    Grant: $2730
    Description: Purchase of robots to support new course.
  • Professor: Ted Suppalla (American Sign Language)
    Title: LSFVL
    Grant: $1000
    Description: Creation of videos to support teaching of French Sign Language
  • Professor: Donatello Stocchi-Perucchio (Modern Languages and Cultures)
    Title: A Virtual Grand Tour on Dante's Footsteps, Stage 2
    Grant: $1000
    Description: Funding for attendance at workshop.


  • Professor: Guillaume Chastel (American Sign Language)
    Title: French Sign Language (LSF) Curriculum Development
    Grant: $1000
    Description: Development of curricular materials by capturing still images from video
  • Professor: Matt Dye (Brain & Cognitive Sciences)
    Title: Multimedia Library for the Teaching of Cognitive Science
    Grant: $1800
    Description: Creation of animated clips explaining key techniques, models and theories.
  • Professor: Greg Gdowski (Biomedical Engineering)
    Title: Development of interactive simulations of physiological control system
    Grant: $2000
    Description: Creation of interactive tools for learning control theory
  • Professor: Greta Niu, Ted Pawlicki (English, Computer Science)
    Title: Interactive Digital Media: Video Games (proposed new course development)
    Grant: $2450
    Description: Funding research assistants to develop new course curriculum ideas
  • Professor: Justin Ramsey (Biology)
    Title: None
    Grant: $2000
    Description: Data collection for development of databases to be used for assignments in Ecology course. Development of web aplets supporting exercises.
  • Professor: Jannick Rolland (Optics)
    Title: Creation of a Demonstration Database about Non-imaging Optics
    Grant: $1200
    Description: Student to develop demonstrations.
  • Professor: Shannon Starr (Mathematics)
    Title: None
    Grant: $2000
    Description: Development of WeBWorK programs for probability



  • Professor: Sarah Higley (English)
    Title: Avatar: Digital Artistry in Virtual Worlds and Their Development
    Grant: $1456
    Description: Use of Second Life in course.
  • Professor: Deb Rossen-Knill (College Writing Program) & Ted Pawlicki (Computer Science)
    Title: Using Technology to Develop Students' Self-Awareness of their Writing Process
    Grant: $3000
    Description: Develop a tracking program that records changes made during the writing process for instructor and student review of process.
  • Professor: Shifang Yu (Modern Languages and Cultures)
    Title: Incorporating Multimedia Instruction to Enable More Efficient Elaboration on Culture in Chinese Language Classes
    Grant: $3000
    Description: Implementation of multimedia instructional materials to support Chinese language courses
  • Professor: Julie Pappiano (Modern Languages and Cultures)
    Title: French Film as an Interactive Tool in French Language Instruction
    Grant: $3000
    Description: Develop a database of French film sequences appropriate for interactive language learning.
  • Professor: Liz Tinelli (College Writing Program)
    Title: New Literacies and New Technologies
    Grant: $720
    Description: Explore three technologies for use in undergraduate writing instruction: Google documents, Twitter and podcasting.


  • Professor: Joanne Bernardi (Modern Languages and Cultures)
    Title: Build an Online Alternative Archive of 20th Century Visual and Material Culture for Teaching about Japan
    Grant: $2000
    Description: Develop an archive of information about Japanese culture.
  • Professor: Katherine Schaefer (College Writing Program)
    Title: Hybrid Writing Course Development
    Grant: $2526
    Description: Experiment with virtual classroom tools. Offer course in hybrid model (one day in class, one day online)
  • Professor: Curtis Signorino (Political Science)
    Title: Introductory Statistical Methods for Political Science
    Grant: $1000
    Description: Collect and develop online examples for political science statistical courses.
  • Professor: Judi Smetana (Psychology)
    Title: Increasing Mulitmedia Content and Interactive Opportunities in Teaching Adolescent Development and Moral Development
    Grant: $1000
    Description: Student help to collect and develop multimedia content for courses.
  • Professor: Missy Pfohl Smith (Dance)
    Title: Catching Up - Technology Upgrade and Faculty Training for the Program of Dance and Movement
    Grant: $1000
    Description: Student help to train faculty on use of technology.
  • Professor: Donatella Stocchi-Perruchio (Modern Languages and Cultures)
    Title: The Commedia Portal
    Grant: $3000
    Description: Develop a portal for information on Dante project.
  • Professor: Allen Topolski (Art and Art History)
    Title: Virtual Galeries: Supporting the Curricular Goals of the Department of Art and Art History
    Grant: $1690
    Description: Create a web gallery for student and almuni art work. Link to the department web site.
  • Professor: Shifang Yu (Modern Language and Cultures)
    Title: Incoproating Multimedia Instruction to Enable More Efficient Elaboration on chinese Idioms and Proverbs in Chinese Language Classes
    Grant: $1000
    Description: Collect and develop materials for Chinese language course.