College Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable
Workshops on Teaching with Technology

April 20, 1999
May Room, Wilson Commons
11:30am - 3:30pm

  • 11:30am Welcome and Introduction - Bill Green
  • 11:45am Frank Wolfs, Physics and Astronomy, Teaching in the College, With and Without Technology
  • 12:00pm Lisa Cartwright, English, Media in the Media Studies Classroom
  • 12:20pm Harold Stanley, Political Science, Teaching Political Science at Rochester: A Twenty Year Retrospective
  • 12:40pm Celia Applegat, History, Teaching History, or Why I Don't Post Lecture Notes on the Internet
  • 1:00pm Lunch and Working Discussion
  • 1:30pm Douglas Brooks, Religion and Classics, Collaborative Learning: More with Less
  • 1:50pm Al Clark, Mechanical Engineering, Context is Everything
  • 2:10pm Vick Roth, Learning Assistance Services, The Workshop Model: Peer-led Team Learning
  • 2:30pm Break
  • 2:40pm Mike Gage, Mathematics, Teaching Philosophies and Software
  • 3:00pm Frank Wolfs, Physics and Astronomy, Where do we go from here?
  • 3:15pm Carrie Regenstein, Academic Technology Services
  • 3:20pm Vicki Roth, Learning Assistance Services
  • 3:25pm Logan Hazen and Rob Rouzer, ResNet and ResTV