College Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable
Workshops on Teaching with Technology

Monday, April 2, 2001
Welles-Brown Room, Rush Rhees Library

1:15pm: Welcome
Brian Goldfarb, Assistant Professor, Art and Art History; Chair, College Teaching, Learning and Technology Roundtable

1:30pm: Remembering the Future: Scholarly Discourse through Internet Time.
Nancy Kaplan, Associate Professor, School of Communications Design at the University of Baltimore

3:00pm: Break and Transition to the Educational Technology Center (G138, Rush Rhees Library)

3:15 until 4:30pm: Electronic Poster Sessions and Discussion
Educational Technology Center, Rush Rhees G-138

Streaming The Blues
Dan Beaumont (Religion and Classics)

Teaching "The Blues", was made possible through the use of audio streaming. Listening is assigned in advance of class time, thus allowing more time for class discussion. Without making information and materials readily available to students through the use of technology, this course could not have been offered to the number of students currently enrolled.

The William Blake Archive
Morris Eaves (English)

The William Blake Archive is a "thematic research collection" designed to support research on and teaching of the works of British printmaker, artist, and author William Blake. It incorporates an array of advanced tools and technologies (including specially designed Java applets and an image-searching system) that give users unprecedented levels of access to Blake's images and texts.

Between Fieldsite and Classroom: Using the World Wide Web to Enhance Instruction
Tony Carter (Anthropology)

For the past two years, ANT101Q has been taught using web-enabled access to student research field notes. During the first year, the notes were provided through a web-enabled database. During the second year the notes were accessed via actual web pages, created by students, as a mechanism to share their field notes. Easily accessible field notes provides the students with the ability to view each others work and learn how to do anthropology research.

New Educational Technologies at Sage Art Center
Elizabeth Cohen (Art and Art History)

Student assistants have developed a pilot "peer mentoring" program to support the new technology facilities and program in the Sage Art Center.

New Services Available to Faculty
Staff from the Registrar's office, Library, and The Educational Technology Center will be available to demonstrate and discuss newly implemented, and planned new services for faculty.