College Teaching, Learning, Technology Roundtable
Workshops on Teaching with Technology

Friday, November 15, 2002
Gleason Hall

9:00am - 12:00pm Special Presentation

Charles Phelps, Provost
Mely Tynan, Vice Provost/Chief Information Officer

The Next IT Killer App: Experiences from the CARAT Patch
Professor Carl F. Berger, Director of Advanced Technologies
Collaboratory for Advanced Research and Academic Technologies (CARAT)
University of Michigan

Question and Answer Period

12:00pm, Lunch: Eisenberg Rotunda, Schlegel Hall

2:00 - 4:00pm CTLTR Workshop on Teaching with Technology

2:00pm, Gleason 120
Welcome - Tom LeBlanc, Vice Provost and Robert L. and Mary L. Sproull Dean of the College Faculty

Learning, Creating and Assessing Knowledge Using CMap Tools
Presentation by Rick Iuli and Tony Olek, Department of Biology
Concept mapping has been shown to be an effective educational tool for creating and organizing knowledge. We have begun using CMap Tools, a concept mapping software program, in our introductory biology course sequence for curriculum development, facilitating student conceptual understanding, and assessing student learning. We will present an overview of concept mapping and then give a brief demonstration on using CMap Tools. We will conclude with a question and answer session on using concept maps and CMap Tools.

CTLTR Announcements

2:30pm-4:00pm Electronic Poster Session, Gleason 124

WebCT Support for Workshop Leader Training
Vicki Roth, Asst Dean, Learning Assistance Services
This fall, the College Workshop program adopted WebCT to support CAS 352 Issues in Group Leadership, the training course for the students who facilitate Workshops. This poster describes various generic features of WebCT that have been customized to fit the needs of this course and improvements that are planned for next semester.

Brian O’Sullivan, Asst Director, College Writing Program
Next semester the College Writing Program will launch a new service: an online system for getting feedback on writing projects. Come learn more about how you can advise students to use this service for their writing assignments.

Sharing Student Work on the Web
Betsy Huang and Anne Zanzucchi, English Department and College Writing Program
Learn how these instructors enhanced their writing classes by making student work readily available over the web. Get ideas about how to encourage student-centered learning experiences in your classroom.

Faculty Experience with WebCT
Barbara Ilardi, Department of Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology
Currently in her third semester of WebCT use, Professor Ilardi has thoughts to share about how the system has worked for her and her courses. Additionally, she has incorporated a publisher's e-pack into one of her courses.

WebCT - Course Tool
Pam Harvey, Educational Technology Center
WebCT, a course management system, can provide a number of electronic tools for use in your course, such as a homework dropbox, discussion board, and online gradebook. Stop by and see some examples of innovative ways that it is being used on campus this semester. If you are interested in learning more, pick up a postcard with information about upcoming WebCT events.
Stephanie Frontz, River Campus Libraries
The College just purchased a subscription to the world’s leading plagiarism prevention system. Come learn more about how it can be used and what you need to do to use it yourself.

News from the Registrars Office
The Registrars Office has a number of online tools available to faculty. Come learn more about Instructor ACCESS, Advisor ACCESS, Major ACCESS, and online grading.