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Past Present Future

"Past, Present and Future: Choreography by Alumni, Faculty and Students”

Don't miss these innovative dance works of various genres. Tickets will be available at the Common Market and, if available, at the door.

Saturday, October 10th @ 4:00pm
Tickets: $5/students $10/General public

"When the Souls Rise”

A Halloween Dance/Theater production directed and choreographed by Program of Dance and Movement faculty member, Anne Harris Wilcox, performed by students from the Repertory and Performance class, and with original musical score and performance by sound artist, Ward Hartenstein.

Friday, November 6th @ 7:30pm and Saturday, November 7th @ 4pm
Tickets: $5/students $7/General public

Kate Weare Company

Kate Weare Company is a New York-based contemporary dance company known for its startling combination of formal choreographic values and visceral, emotional interpretation. Weare’s dances explore contemporary views of intimacy, both tender and stark, by drawing on our most basic urges to move and decode movement. Please go to for more information.

Sunday, November 15th @ 2pm
Tickets TBA

Class Showing

Wednesday, December 9th 6:30pm-8:30pm

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“Whole Body Music” with Katherine Kramer

Wednesday, September 23rd 10:25am-11:40am

“Improvisation & Performance Techniques” with Katherine Kramer

Monday, September 28th 11:30am-1:00pm

“Meditation & Mindfulness” with Debra Corea

Friday, October 9th 2:00pm-3:30pm

“Dance & Music as Therapy” with Maria Battista Hancock

Wednesday, October 21st 4:50pm-6:20pm

"Workshop as Work: Reusable Parts/Endless Love" with Gerard + Kelly

In collaboration with Douglas Crimp/Visual and Cultural Studies, Two Bessie award winning choreographers will deliver the above workshop.

Thursday, November 12 9:00am-11am

Zimbabwean Dance and Drum

11:05am-12:20pm on the following days:

Tuesday, September 22nd: Chartwell Dutiro (Zimbabwean mbira music, song, and dance)
Thursday, September 24th: Patience Chaitezvi (Zimbabwean dandanda drum, song, and dance)
Thursday, November 19th: Julia Chigamba and Chinyakare (Zimbabwean ngoma)
Tuesday, November 24th: Rujeko Dumbutshena (Afro-modern dance)

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