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Class Showing

Wednesday, December 9th 6:30pm-8:30pm

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Sixth Annual inspireDANCE Festival

The Festival will take place here on the campus over six days from January 28-February 2, 2016, with the following events:
Jane Comfort and Company present “Beauty,” a multi-disciplinary dance work that provocatively explores the American notion of female beauty through the lens of Barbie.

Friday, January 29th - Strong Auditorium 8pm
inspireJAM/B-boy/B-girl Battle on Sunday, January 31 - May Room 2pm.

The festival events feature dance from cultures all over the world, with 25 dance classes/workshops and a student dance group Kickoff Concert called UR Dances, Thursday, January 28 at 8pm in Spurrier. Along with the entire faculty of the Program of Dance and Movement, a diverse pool of professional guest teachers to our campus who will share a variety of dance/movement forms and perspectives. Workshops in Contemporary, Yoga, Capoeira, Improvisation, West African Dance, Middle Eastern Dance and more will be featured.

Jane Comfort and Company creates dance theater works that push the intersection of movement and language to a new form of theater. Called by the New York Times “a postmodernist pioneer in the use of verbal material in dance,” artistic director Jane Comfort addresses contemporary social and cultural issues with compassion and wit. The company is an extraordinary group of dancers, actors and singers whose multiple talents allow Jane Comfort to create deeply layered works utilizing a wide range of theatrical elements, from pure dance to chanted texts, a capella singing, film, lip-syncing, cross dressing, acted scenes and puppetry. The company creates theater in which transformation occurs through many voices.

Tickets on sale in January for the inspireDANCE Festival and Jane Comfort & Company

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More workshops TBA in January 2016

Zimbabwean Dance and Drum

11:05am-12:20pm on the following days:

Tuesday, September 22nd: Chartwell Dutiro (Zimbabwean mbira music, song, and dance)
Thursday, September 24th: Patience Chaitezvi (Zimbabwean dandanda drum, song, and dance)
Thursday, November 19th: Julia Chigamba and Chinyakare (Zimbabwean ngoma)
Tuesday, November 24th: Rujeko Dumbutshena (Afro-modern dance)

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