University of Rochester Program of Dance & Movement


inspireDANCE Schedule February 14-19, 2013


615-6:30pm Strike. Dance. Rise. One Billion Rising Hirst Lounge
6:00-8:00pm inspireDANCE Kick-Off Event UR Program of Dance & Movement Hirst Lounge


*Refreshments and a demo by Illstyle and Peace Productions

12:30pm-1:45pm Introduction to Yoga Jackie McCausland Spurrier Dance Studio
2:30-4:00pm Hip-Hop Workshop Illstyle and Peace Productions Leibner-Cooper Room-A&R Hajim-Goergen Athletic Ctr
4:00-5:30pm Club Rochester* Program of Dance and Movement; UHS Health Promotion Office Meliora, Salon D
6:30-8:00pm Hip-Hop Workshop Illstyle and Peace Productions Leibner-Cooper Room-A&R Hajim-Goergen Athletic Ctr


10:30am-12:00pm Salsa Workshop Darin Price Spurrier Dance Studio
12:15-1:45pm Contemporary Dance/Jamaican Fusion Workshop Kelly Johnson Spurrier Dance Studio
2:00-3:30pm RAAS Workshop RAAS Spurrier Dance Studio
2:30-4:00pm Hip Hop Combo AJ Pascarella O'Brien Dance Studio
4:30 - 7:00pm inspireJAM: B-Boy Battle/All-style Battle DJ Sike & Guest Judges Leibner-Cooper Room-A&R Hajim-Goergen Athletic Ctr
8:00 pm Illstyle and Peace Productions Performance Illstyle and Peace Productions Strong Auditorium
10:00 pm Day of Arts Closing Party The Arts at U of R Sage Art Center


11:00-12:30pm Intermediate/Advanced Contemporary Dance Sami Johnson Spurrier Dance Studio


9:00-10:45am Yoga & Experiential Anatomy Debra Corea Spurrier Dance Studio
11:00-12:15pm West African Dance Forms I Kerfala Bangura Spurrier Dance Studio
12:30-1:45pm Beginning Contemporary Dance Technique Courtney World Spurrier Dance Studio
2:00-4:40pm Movement Master Class for the Actor Darren Stevenson, PUSH Physical Theatre Drama House
2:00-3:15pm Yoga III Jacki McCausland Spurrier Dance Studio
3:25-4:40pm Conditioning for Dancer/Athlete Eran Hanlon Spurrier Dance Studio
4:50 - 6:20pm Capoeira: Brazilian Art Movement Todd Russell Spurrier Dance Studio
6:30 - 7:45pm Capoeira II: Music & Movement Todd Russell Spurrier Gym
6:30 - 7:45pm Contact Improvisation and Culture Nancy Pigno Spurrier Dance Studio
8:00 - 9:15pm Fundamentals of Movement Nancy Pigno Spurrier Dance Studio


9:30-10:55am Beginning Modern Dance Missy Pfohl Smith Spurrier Dance Studio
12:30-1:45pm Choregraphy Missy Pfohl Smith Spurrier Dance Studio
2:00-3:15pm Qi Gong Chinese Way to Health Robert Loughridge Spurrier Dance Studio
2:00-3:15pm Beginning Tap Dance Courtney World O'Brien Dance Studio
3:25-4:40pm T'ai Chi: Explorations in Qi Robert Loughridge Spurrier Dance Studio
3:25-4:40pm Intermediate/Advanced Ballet Courtney World Leibner-Cooper Room-A&R Hajim-Goergen Athletic Ctr
4:50-6:06pm Art of Teaching Dance Anne Harris Wilcox Spurrier Dance Studio
6:30-7:45pm Middle Eastern Dance: Folkloric/Bedouin Katrina Scott Spurrier Dance Studio

For ticket and Registration inquiries or more information, call 585.273.5150 or 585.201.1002 or email or

Festival Tickets & Registration

Purchase a Festival Pass/ticket at the U of R Common Market in Wilson Commons. To Register, please present your Festival Pass at the inspireDANCE Table in Wilson Commons. Once you register, you will receive a wristband that you must wear to class.

Ticket Registration Times:

2/7/2013 Thursday 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM 5:00 PM - 6:00PM Wilson Market Table C
2/8/2013 Friday 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM Wilson Market Table C
2/11/2013 Monday 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM 4:00 PM - 7:00PM Wilson Hirst Area A
2/12/2013 Tuesday 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM 4:00 PM - 7:00PM Wilson Hirst Area B
2/13/2013 Wednesday 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM 4:00 PM - 7:00PM Wilson Market Table C
2/14/2013 Thursday 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM 6:00 PM - 8:00PM Wilson Hirst Area A

Festival Passes Include:

All Classes and Workshops and the Illstyle & Peace Productions performance.
$18 through Thursday, February 14th
$25 starting Friday, February 15th

Class participation is first-come first-serve. Maximum capacity for classes will be determined by the individual class instructors.

If you are coming from the community/off-campus and have not already purchased your Festival pass, please arrive 15 minutes early to class in order to purchase a $25 ticket and register.

Illstyle & Peace Productions in IMpossible IZZPossible Performance

Saturday, February 16th @ 8:00 pm
Strong Auditorium, University of Rochester River Campus
Tickets on Sale @ Common Market in Wilson Commons

Tickets for Performance only: $5, students $15, general public

 inspireJAM: B-Boy Battle/All-style Battle

Free viewer admission for those with tickets to Illstyle and Peace Productions in IMpossible IZZpossible (Feb 16, 8pm, Strong Aud, UR) or with Festival passes. 
$10 admission for battlers or for viewers of this event only.


Strike. Dance. Rise. -- One Billion Rochester

One Billion Rising of Rochester will be coming to Hirst Lounge to Strike. Dance. Rise. We ask that you rise with us in this amazing cause advocating to end Domestic Violence. You will be rising with not only members of the Rochester community, but men and women around the world. This cause helps us give a voice to those who cannot speak, and movement to those who cannot rise." Please Rise with us at 5:50 PM in Hirst Lounge to kick off Inspire Dance Festival.


DAN 114 Introduction to Yoga

Yoga is defined as “union”, the uniting together of ourselves in all aspects- body, mind, heart, spirit. This class will introduce the student to a hatha yoga practice that creates and enlivens a deeper awareness and relationship to one's own self.   Students will engage in a variety of basic yoga poses which offer a balance between strength and stability with openness and freedom in the body.  Emphasis will also be on breath awareness along with maintaining a playful, heart-oriented attitude.

Hip Hop Workshop

Hip Hop Master Classes with Illstyle are fun and challenging classes which will introduce students to various dance styles such as B-Boying/B-Girling (often misunderstood as breakdancing), hip hop, lockin, poppin, modern, jazz, African, and more. The instructor will define the basic movements and techniques, teach them to the students, and develop the movements into combinations for practice. Workshop by Illstyle and Peace Productions.

Hip Hop Workshop

Hip Hop Master Classes with Illstyle are fun and challenging classes which will introduce students to various dance styles such as B-Boying/B-Girling (often misunderstood as breakdancing), hip hop, lockin, poppin, modern, jazz, African, and more. The instructor will define the basic movements and techniques, teach them to the students, and develop the movements into combinations for practice. Workshop by Illstyle and Peace Productions


Contemporary Dance/Jamaican Fusion Workshop

A modern dance technique class rooted in African and Caribbean dance aesthetics.  This class, focused on assertiveness, will provide students with an opportunity to explore elements of undulation, pulsation, polyrhythm and sensuality.

Salsa Dance

This workshop is designed to beginners and those with no formal salsa dance experience. You will learn basic footwork, turns and a partnered turn pattern combination. Participants will also learn proper timing, posture, weight transfer, frame and connection. The end result will be a connection between your footwork & body movement with the music! As a social dance, participants will rotate partners throughout the workshop.

RAAS Indian Dance

    Taught by UR’s own fabulous Raas Dance group, the class will share dances originating in the Indian state of Gujurat, and officially known as “Dandiya Raas.” This energetic, interactive and ancient dance originates in West India as a way to honor the Goddess Durga at the annual festival of nights called “Navratri,” but has developed into a symbol of the performing arts and a way to express oneself creatively.  This form is fast, fun and physically challenging -prepare to sweat!

inspireJAM: B-Boy Battle/All-style Battle

B-boys and dancers from across upstate New York will battle 1 v. 1 in an all style battle and a b-boy battle.  Join us before the Illstyle and Peace Productions concert to check out regional street artists and their exciting styles.  This event will feature DJ Sike from Buffalo, NY. For those interested in battling, email Smon at Thank you to Red Bull for sponsoring prizes.  

Illstyle and Peace Productions Performance

Illstyle & Peace Productions  is a multicultural dance company based in Philadelphia and founded in 2002 by Brandon “Peace” Albright and Forrest “Getemgump” Webb. They create work rooted in contemporary and old school hip-hop. Working from an eclectic mix of dance and performance disciplines including tap, ballet, house dancing, DJing and Beatboxing; Illstyle & Peace Productions create a unique new style of hip-hop. I&PP has toured to critical acclaim both nationally and internationally and is committed to delivering a positive message to audiences young and old. The company’s work celebrates the art of hip-hop by adding an urban style to traditional moves in order to create a new step. The New York Times has described Illstyle & Peace Productions’ work as “a hip-hop revue with killer dancing”. Most recently, critic Roslyn Sulcas of the Times has stated that “the ensemble displayed some of the most dazzling breaking techniques I’ve ever seen, while Mr. Albright’s choreography possessed a sly humor and an adept sense of spatial composition. Watching these dancers was like watching the greatest ballet virtuosos, each fighting gravity and the appearance of effort, and demanding and getting the impossible from the human body. They were fabulous.” Brandon “Peace” Albright, Artistic Director of Illstyle & Peace Productions, is well versed in the various styles of hip-hop dance. He brings energy to the stage and presents a cogent voice in theater. Intrigued by the universality of hip-hop, Brandon seeks inspiration from other dance and art forms to make his blend of dance. He was an original member of the Philadelphia-based crew Scanner Boyz and has danced for major recording artists such as Schooly D, Will Smith, Tuff Crew, Boyz II Men, LL Cool J, Run DMC and the Beach Boys.  Brandon has also performed with the NAACP Image Awards, Cool Heat Urban Beat (Boston Dance Umbrella), Ballet Memphis and BAM’s Dance Africa to name a few. With Illstyle & Peace Productions, Brandon continues to share his dance ministry with diverse audiences.

Day of Arts Closing Party

Join us for the Day of Arts Closing Party at Sage Art Center. The event is hosted by The Arts at University of Rochester and there will be catering (courtesy of Dinosaur Barbecue) and a DJ. Come celebrate the Arts with us!


Intermediate/Advanced Contemporary Dance

A technique focused class with emphasis on movement quality, connection, and energy flow. We will explore core strength through contemporary movement and look to push our boundaries both physically and mentally. Come ready to work hard and have fun!


DAN 216 Yoga and Experiential Anatomy


This class will focus on breath awareness. We will slow down to experience freshly the subtle movements within that support life and movement. Through the practices of meditation, pranayama (yogic breathing), yoga asanas, discussion, and a resting posture we will discover resources for awareness, stress relief and embodiment.


DAN 181 West African Dance Forms I

 A long-time member of Les Ballets Africains, the national ballet of Guinea, instructor Fana Bangoura will introduce dancers in this workshop to the dynamic dance traditions of Guinea, West Africa. Accompanied by live music, participants will learn the footwork and movements for the Guinean rhythms tiriba, soko, and sinte, and acquire familiarity with the physical stance common to many styles of West African dance.

DAN 150 Beginning Contemporary Dance Technique

Explore possibility in this contemporary dance class!  Through a series of technical patterns that enliven the body's awareness and connectivity, dancers will have opportunities to move in dynamic, expressive ways -- reaching, turning, falling, spiraling, balancing, and flying!  No experience necessary.    

DAN 226  Yoga III  Deepening the Practice

This class is designed for students who already have an ongoing practice of hatha yoga and are interested in stepping more deeply into the refinements of a yoga practice.   Students will engage with an array of yoga poses that will reveal a deeper connection to Self supported by heightened awareness of the breath along with some challenging and light-hearted "playing the edge" variations of asana.

Movement Master class for the Actor

Movement Master class for the Actor is designed to help students become competent physical “movers” and to utilize their bodies as effective communications tools—especially in terms of the theatrical demands of characterization. The class will give performers a wide variety of choices in movement that can be applied to many performance styles. Students will learn a hybrid of movement traditions and approaches, and how to connect those to the artistic process. They will be encouraged to improvise, create and develop in a way that makes the physical technique relevant to their unique creative voice. The class is focused on learning by doing rather than lecturing and provides varying levels of physical challenge that allow students to develop at their own pace and from their own starting point.  

DAN 130 Conditioning for Dancers and Athletes

This studio-based body conditioning class is aimed to develop and strengthen specific musculature as it pertains to those who wish to explore a mindful, physical and anatomically sound practice. Class will attend to modifiable movement sequences that help prevent injury as well as build core strength, endurance and overall physical mobility and stability.

DAN 171 Capoeira: Brazilian Art Movement

Experience an art form of self-defense with strong aerobic and dance elements that bring together a harmony of forces. Through the study of history, movements, and culture behind Capoeira, students will gain self-confidence, power, flexibility, endurance, and ultimately the tools toward self-discovery. Capoeira is within reach of anyone regardless of age, sex, or athletic experience. In keeping with its strong traditions, Capoeira balances the body, mind, and soul, and enables one to break through limits, revitalizing oneself for everyday life.

DAN 271 Capoeira II: Music & Motion

This is a deeper study of Capoeira. This second level will find students continuing to build strength, coordination, rhythm, and balance. Students will also become further involved with the music and instrumentation of Capoeira.

DAN 204 Contact Improvisation and Culture

Contact improvisation is rooted in dance, the martial arts and studies of body development and awareness. It is a duet form where partners use weight, momentum, and inertia to move each other freely through space, finding support through skeletal structure rather than muscular effort. We will explore solo and duet contact skills while attuning to sensory input. Skill work will be combined with more open dancing in a supportive and focused environment. No previous dance training required.

DAN 102 Fundamentals of Movement

This course will explore movement through the use of technique and improvisation. It emphasizes spontaneity, joy in moving, and self-awareness and is based on experiential anatomy and developmental movement patterns. It provides a strong foundation for further study in dance, theater, or sports, or can be used as an introduction to movement and body awareness. No previous dance training is required


DAN 110 Beginning Modern Dance

This beginning level modern technique class will emphasize the development of basic skills and patterns of total body organization, continuity and connectivity, and bodily awareness. Though no prior training is necessary or expected, students of varying levels will be challenged by this particular approach. 

DAN 278 Choreography

Students will experiment with improvisational structures and various methods of making dances, focusing on examining craft in the service of choreographic expression. Students will be encouraged to curiously and playfully embody manipulations of movement material to better understand different points of view and to see how it affects the quality and communicative content of movement. 

DAN 209 Qi Gong Way to Health

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese internal art and an early forerunner of Tai Ji Quan. It is an Eastern Movement Discipline (EMD)  which embodies a holism of Eastern martial arts and Eastern meditation. Qi Gong provides the dancer and athlete with healthy lifestyle practices and fitness training for better breathing, body awareness, focus and concentration, mental presence, imagery, and cultivating and expressing energy flow. Participants will learn moving and standing meditations and also an exercise for relaxing the body, breathing, and mind. (limit 32)

DAN 250 Tap Dance: Beginning 

This class will focus on rhythmic footwork, introduction to basic tap steps, explorations in improvisation, and culminate in a lively tap combination.  No experience necessary.  

DAN 211 T'ai Chi: Explorations in Qi

T”ai Chi is a traditional Chinese martial art and a valuable cross training exercise for the dancer which provides training for relaxed strength, whole body coordination, balance, centered alignment, timing, weight shifting and moving with fluid grace. Participants will learn the first section of six forms of the popular standard Simplified 24-Step Taijiquan (Ershisi Shi Taijiquan) along with the foundation skills of Reeling Silk (Chan Si Gong), Standing Pole meditation (Zhan Zhuang) and key points for beginners. (limit 32)

DAN 252 Interm Ballet: Context and Practice

A ballet class for experienced dancers.  This class will focus on musicality, phrasing, and full expressive dancing that invite dancers to move from technique to artistry in both traditional and contemporary ballet sequences of barre work and center floor.  

DAN 295 Art of Teaching Dance

Practices and principles of teaching dance. Explore methods of teaching creative dance for children and cross-curricular lesson planning. Addresses how and why to teach dance in K-12. Pedagogical areas of study includes lesson and curriculum planning, concept development, assessment, delivery and development of teaching philosophy. Geared for both the student interested in arts in education and in the teaching of dance in a dance studio.  

DAN 190 Middle Eastern Dance: Folkloric/Bedouin

Explore Traditional Folkloric roots of Middle Eastern Dance, focusing on specific Bedouin dance styles of North Africa (Raks Shaabi). Improving strength, flexibility, and self-awareness of the body, the class will include meditative movement, dance technique

All classes are taught by professional dance educators, company directors, and independent dancers including:

inspireDANCE Festival Instructor Bios

February 14-19, 2012

Brandon “Peace” Albright

Brandon “Peace” Albright, Artistic Director of Illstyle & Peace Productions, is well versed in the various styles of hip-hop dance. He brings energy to the stage and presents a cogent voice in theater. Intrigued by the universality of hip-hop, Brandon seeks inspiration from other dance and art forms to make his blend of dance. He was an original member of the Philadelphia-based crew Scanner Boyz and has danced for major recording artists such as Schooly D, Will Smith, Tuff Crew, Boyz II Men, LL Cool J, Run DMC and the Beach Boys. Brandon has also performed with the NAACP Image Awards, Cool Heat Urban Beat (Boston Dance Umbrella), Ballet Memphis and BAM’s Dance Africa to name a few. With Illstyle & Peace Productions, Brandon continues to share his dance ministry with diverse audiences.

Kerfala "Fana" Bangoura

Born in Conakry, Guinea, master drummer and dancer Kerfala Bangoura began his professional career in 1990. He has performed with numerous private ballets in Guinea, including the Macaca Ballet, Kounkoré Bamba Ballet, and Ballet Fareta, where he received his attestation and diploma – a certification of artistic excellence – in both drumming and dance, enabling him to work with the national performing ensembles of Guinea. Named “Master Drummer” by the Guinean Ministry of Culture in 2008, he was a featured djembe soloist for two of Guinea’s national groups, Percussions de Guinée and Les Ballets Africains, for over 8 years. Since his arrival in the United States in the spring of 2009, Kerfala has taught at the University of Oregon as well as numerous classes, workshops, and performances in Portland, Oregon. With his performing group, Mounafanyi, he opened Portland’s African Film Festival in 2010, and has also won a grant from Portland’s Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC). Currently, Kerfala teaches at the University of Rochester, leading a percussion ensemble in the music department, as well as teaching dance in the Program of Dance and Movement.

Debra Corea

Debra Corea, RYT, is dedicated to bringing curiosity and awareness to the nature of the mind and the experience of residing in a human body. She was introduced to yoga and meditation in 1973. Sustained interest and practice brought her to her principal teachers at the Center for Yoga and Aplomb in 1990, now Open Sky Yoga. There she studied prenatal and women’s yoga, BodyMind Centering, and Continuum Movement with Deborah Raoult. In 2007, she graduated from Open Sky’s Essential Teacher Training and continues advanced yoga training with Francois Raoult. Debra furthers her Continuum practice with its visionary founder, Emilie Conrad, as well as Susan Harper. Debra is also certified as a Kripalu Yoga Teacher, an Advanced Relax and Renew Teacher, and has completed teacher trainings in Yoga for Scoliosis, Insight Yoga, and Integrative Restorative (iRest) Yoga Nidra. Additional study includes Yin Yoga, Anatomy, Posture, Anatomy of Asana, Anatomy in Clay, Yogic and Indian Philosophy, Sanskrit, Ayurveda, the Yoga of Sound, Buteyko Breathing Technique, and Nonviolent Communication (NVC). Debra is passionate about conscious birthing and has trained and worked as a doula, supporting women through childbirth. Debra has practiced various meditation techniques and participated in Spirit Rock’s first 18-month Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation Training Program. In 2008, she accompanied Thich Nhat Hahn, her most influential mindfulness teacher, on a pilgrimage in the footsteps of the Buddha in northern India.

Eran David P. Hanlon

Eran David P. Hanlon is a freelance interdisciplinary artist. He holds an MFA in dance from The Ohio State University and MSW from Boston College. He dances with three nationally renowned dance companies: BIODANCE, James Hansen Assemblage, and Bill Evans Dance. Hanlon holds teaching appointments at the University of Rochester and the College at Brockport. He previously taught at Dartmouth College, simultaneously performing and choreographing with their dance theatre troupe for seven years. He has performed for other dance artists such as Bebe Miller. Hanlon’s most recent multi-media projects premiered at SUNY Geneseo and Sullivant and Capital Theatres in Columbus, Ohio, and his video dance works have been featured at national and international film festivals.

Kelly Johnson

Kelly Johnson is a dancer, choreographer and dance educator whose education is a collective of traditional West African, Caribbean and modern dance. Johnson holds a MFA in Choreography from SUNY Brockport and has presented both choreographic and pedogical research at the National Dance Education Organization as well as the American College Dance Festival. She choreographs and performs with Rochester based company Akoma Ntoaso and currently is an Associate Professor of Dance at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, NY.

Samantha Johnson

Samantha began dancing at the age of four at a local studio, studying ballet, tap, jazz, and acrobatics. Samantha competed regionally and nationally with this studio for several years. A northern California native, Samantha has been a member of Teen Dance Company where she studied ballet and contemporary styles, as well as California Pacific Ballet and Alonzo King's San Francisco Dance Center. During this time, Samantha studied and worked with Mia Michaels, Jason Parsons, Debbie Allen, Napolean D'Umo, and Robert Moses. Samantha was awarded the Senior Distinction in Dance award from Crystal Springs Uplands High School in 2007. More recently, Samantha attended the University of Rochester where she studied Neuroscience. With a true passion for movement, the body, and the mind, she co-founded Louvre Performance Ensemble through the UR Students' Association in April of 2009. As former President of this group, Samantha has taught, choreographed for, and produced four full productions at the University of Rochester.  A recent graduate, Samantha is now working as a dance and fitness instructor in the Rochester area.

Robert Loughridge

Robert Loughridge earned a B.A. in English from Alfred University and a M.A. in English from SUNY Brockport. His martial arts background of over 30 years includes advanced level black belts in Isshin Ryu Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Chinese Kempo. He studied T’ai Chi and Qi Gong with Dr. Chunlei Lu, a Chinese National Scholar. Bob continues to pursue his studies by attending workshops with a variety of recognized Chen style T’ai Chi practitioners, including Chen Xiaowang, Chen Xiaoxing, Ren Guang Yi, Yang Yang, Chen Zhenglei, Zhu Tiancai, Jiang Jian-ye. He has also participated in master classes with dance instructors including Simone Forti, Sean Curran, Nancy Stark Smith, and others. He is especially interested in introducing students to the idea of the “Scholar Warrior,” embodied in achieving a balance and integration of many arts including calligraphy, poetry, philosophy, music, martial arts, and dance.

Jacqueline McCausland

Jacki McCausland has been on the faculty of the University of Rochester's Program of Movement and Dance since 2000 and instructor of U of R's Yoga Club for the past 12 years. Jacki is a certified Anusara Yoga instructor, a certified Relax & Renew Trainer and a RYT. She has been on the dance faculty at SUNY Geneseo since 1984, director of the Valley School of Dance in Geneseo since 1982 and co-director of the Shakti Yoga Center in Geneseo since 1984. "Yoga, for me, is the practice of embracing and engaging more fully with life, with its inevitable challenges and fulfilling joys. I enjoy sharing my knowledge, skills, enthusiasm and deep respect of yoga with the students, guiding them to experience their own innate potential and deeper sense of self."

AJ Pascarella 

AJ started dancing at around age 16, and only started because he had a winter ball for school coming up! He did not want to be the person in the corner watching people dance, but wanted to be the spotlight of the dance. He started teaching him self everyday hour after hour watching youtube videos, self teaching himself different variations and moves, until he actually finally started to look like he KNEW HOW TO DANCE! In just 4 short years, AJ fell in love with dance and could not stop having the passion and drive to learn and excel in his craft. The style of hip hop that he dances is unique by combining the lyrics, beats, small sound effects, and everything in the music into his choreography. AJ is now 22 years old and is teaching workshops all over the U.S and with an array of well known choreographers. Choreographers including Cliff Ledesma from So Real Cru ( Americas Best Dance Crew Season 2) ARCHiteks, and Soundbox out of Houston,Texas. As well as Jason Croom from Swagger Crew (Americas Best Dance Crew Season 5) out of Atlanta,Ga. AJ has also taught in Canada, Buffalo,NY, Syracuse,NY, Binghamton, Albany, Boston,Mass, and soon in Atlanta, Houston, and Panama.

AJ Dance Resume:

Dominique Dance Creations ft Jason Croom from Swagger Crew- Syracuse,NY
 Gotta Dance Performing Arts ft Michael Burton- Syracuse,NY
Darlenas Dance Project ft Michael Burton- Buffalo,NY
Binghamton University Hip Hop team- Binghamton,NY ( Choreographed for IFD and their Hip Hop Comp)
Albany University hip hop team- Albany,NY ( Choreographed a Michael Jackson Tribute piece)
Raes Dance Institute ft Cliff Ledesma-Syracuse,NY
Dominiques Dance Creations ft Cliff Ledesma (So Real Cru) Syracuse,NY
Dance Complex- Boston,Mass
The Media Unit-Syracuse,NY (Choreographed for their performances)

Nancy Pigno

The philosophy with which I approach my teaching is built on the idea that regardless of training and background, we all have the potential to move with joy and expression. I find it particularly gratifying to work with beginners and especially enjoy working with the U of R students, as they bring to the studio such wonderful diversity in background and interests. My background includes an MA in Dance from SUNY Brockport, NYS dance teacher certification and a somatics practitioner certificate from the East-West Institute for Dance and Movement studies. I have worked as a teaching artist in Rochester, NY and in Kansas City, KS, taught at several universities, and have performed and choreographed with a number of artists. Currently, in addition to teaching in the Program of Dance and Movement, I also am a science tutor at Rochester’s Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage and teach movement workshops and classes in the Rochester community. As a licensed massage therapist, I offer massage and somatics bodywork at One Life Chiropractic and in my own private practice.

Darin Price 

A New York native with Caribbean roots, Darin Price has been dancing his entire life. His formative training began with hip hop, martial arts and percussion, which has greatly influenced his true passion: Latin dance. Darin has dedicated countless years of study at the national and international level with many acclaimed Latin dance professionals. Darin has performed on local, national and international stages, and has become well known throughout the dance community as a highly sought after teacher and performer. Darin's distinct teaching method strongly emphasizes musicality, technique and artistic expression. By fusing Latin dance with other dance and movement mediums, Darin's choreography has a flavor that is truly distinct and innovative. Darin is the Founder and Co-Artistic Director of Essence of Rhythm Latin Dance Company, and also serves as Owner and Executive Director of Rhythm Society Urban Wellness Studios in Rochester, New York. Darin also serves as Chairman of the Beechwood Community Arts Council(BCAC) and is the Founder of the D.R.E.A.M (Dance Rules Everything Around Me)Project.


Rochester Raas Team is an Indian Dance team on the University of Rochester campus, specifically focusing on South Asian Folk dances of Garba and Raas. Utilizing sticks, skirts and circles, the group performs dances including Dandiya, Chaniya Choli and Spiritual rhythmic dance. Raas puts energy, power, and passion into its elaborate choreography that imitates the spiritual dances of India. While its members obviously come from different places, Rochester Raas is a uniting force that ignites all of its members to put heart into what they love, in hopes to inspire those that see them.

Todd Russell

Born in Buffalo, New York, Todd Russell has studied capoeira for the past 15 years. Russell graduated from Capoeira Mandinga, under the supervision of Mestre Marcelo Pereira, in the first international capoeira event; taking place in August of 2006 in Ubatuba, Brazil. Russell has been promoting and presenting capoeira through performing, teaching and providing his knowledge and expertise within this Brazilian art. In October of 2004, he founded the Academia com Expressão, a professional company for capoeira that has performed and offered workshops throughout the United States and abroad, including classes within the Department of Movement and Dance at the University of Rochester; working with Sankofa in Brockport, NY; Pixar Animation Studios in Berkeley, CA; and various groups in Brazil, Japan and China. Russell currently holds classes throughout the year within the greater Rochester area. More info is available at

Katrina Scott

Katrina Scott (A.K.A. Kalilah) has been dancing all her life but found her true love of dance when she discovered Middle Eastern Dance. She started over 30 years ago when she started taking Middle Eastern dance lessons with the Bal Aziza Dance Troupe of Rochester. During her membership with Bal Aziza, Kalilah held positions such as Artistic Director, Choreographer, Costume Director, Stage Manager, and Publicist. Kalilah is now the Artistic Director for her own Middle Eastern DanceTroupe, Sword and Scarab. She started her Middle Eastern Dance career with Egyptian Oriental (Raks Sharqi) and Turkish cabaret styles of dance (Danse Tansi), but prefers the more Folkloric aspects of Middle Eastern Dance or what is better known as Raks Shaabi. Kalilah still travels extensively to study with the Masters of the dance. She has been to the Middle East to learn first hand the culture and traditions of Middle Eastern Dance. She has studied with Morocco, Serena, Elena, Aisha Ali, Lelia Haddad, Amel Tafsout, Jamilla Al Wahid, John Compton, Delilah, and many others. Kalilah currently teaches at the University of Rochester, guest teaches at the University of Brockport, and is a mentor through Empire State College.

Missy Pfohl Smith, Director

Missy Pfohl Smith is currently Director of the Program of Dance and Movement at University of Rochester and Artistic Director of BIODANCE, a nationally emerging dance company. BIODANCE collaborates with multi-disciplinary artists and performs repertory by a roster of recognized choreographers including Missy Pfohl Smith, Bill Evans, Randy James, Ivy Baldwin and Jeanne Schickler Compisi. The company explores social, political and environmental issues through its works and is active in its community.  Before coming back to Rochester, Smith was based in NYC for 12 years and performed and taught internationally with Randy James Dance Works and Paul Mosley, as well as apprenticing for the Erick Hawkins Dance Company. She currently serves on the Board of Rochester Contemporary Dance Collective and her choreography has been performed nationally. BIODANCE is excited about its upcoming collaboration with the Rochester Oratorio Society on March 9, 2012 at Hochstein Concert Hall where they will premiere two major works with live music and the 150 singers of ROS! More info is available at

Anne Harris Wilcox

Anne Harris Wilcox (M.F.A., SUNY Brockport; B.A., Connecticut College) is a choreographer, performer and dance educator of uncommon artistry and imagination. She founded Present Tense Dance in 1991, and has choreographed and performed for her own company and others throughout the northeast. Under her direction, Present Tense Dance has performed with Image/Movement/Sound Series, Rebound Festival, Visions of Sound, NYSDEA conferences, RCDC, Finger Lakes Dance, Syracuse Contemporary Dance, Drumcliffe Irish Arts, SUNY Brockport Alumni Showcases, and for Rochester's Memorial Art Gallery. She has received grants from New York Foundation of the Arts and the New York State Decentralization program to create dance/theater pieces including When the Souls Rise, The Picture of Dorian Gray, A Public and Private Hearth, and The Seal Maiden. She was honored at a NDEO/NYSDEA regional conference for meritorious service in dance education for the children of Western New York. A permanently certified K-12 teacher of dance, Anne also serves on the board of New York State Dance Education Association and is a founding member of Rochester Contemporary Dance Collective (RCDC). She has taught at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, SUNY Brockport, the University of Rochester, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester's School of the Arts (SOTA), and Young Audiences, among many other schools. An expert in interdisciplinary learning, she is also the designer of Active Learning Games, a series of kinesthetic learning games and activities for K-12 students. Currently Anne is guest artist at SOTA and lives in Rochester with her husband, three children and Bernese mountain dog.

Courtney World

Courtney World is a dance artist and educator based in Rochester, New York. She holds an MFA in Dance Performance and Choreography from The College at Brockport, and a BA in Dance from the University at Buffalo. World is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, as well as an Adjunct Lecturer at Nazareth College and The University of Rochester. She is an active choreographer, and performer of both tap and modern dance, currently performing with Bill Evans Dance Company, and BIODANCE. Her performance credits include touring nationally with these companies, and previously with James Hanson/Assemblage Dance, Geomantics Dance Theatre, and KTD Inc. World's choreography has been presented in New York City and statewide at venues including The American College Dance Festival, ImageMovementSound Festival, Vision of Sound Concert Series, Artwalk Alive!, and Rochester Contemporary Dance Collective Performance Series.