Department of English



Creative Writing

Six courses are required for the minor:

1. Two creative writing courses at the introductory level:

  • ENG 120: Introduction to Creative Writing
  • ENG 121: Creative Writing: Fiction
  • ENG 122: Creative Writing: Poetry
  • ENG 123: Playwriting—2 credits
  • ENG 125: Speculative Fiction

2. At least one advanced creative writing course:

  • ENG 275: Advanced Creative Writing: Fiction
  • ENG 276: Advanced Creative Writing: Poetry
  • ENG 277: Screenwriting
  • ENG 375: Seminar in Fiction Writing
  • ENG 376: Seminar in Poetry Writing

3. Additional courses, if needed, to be chosen from the department's offerings in writing, or from its 200-level and 300-level offerings in literature.