Replication Data

Replication Data (Stata) for:

“Comparing British and French Colonial Legacies: A Discontinuity Analysis of Cameroon” (With Kenneth Schultz) Quarterly Journal of Political Science, 2012, 7: 1–46.  Cameroon Replication

Replication Data (Stata) for:

Who Becomes a Terrorist?: Poverty, Education, and the Origins of Political Violence.” World Politics, 2011, 63: 203-245.  Bengal Replication

Replication Data (Excel) for:

“Redistributive Colonialism: The Long Term Legacy of International Conflict in India” Appendix

Replication Data (Stata) for “Ethnic Diversity and Ethnic Discrimination: Explaining Local Public Goods Provision” Ethnicity Replication

Replication Data (Stata) for “Land, State Capacity and Colonialism: Evidence from India” Zamindari Replication

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