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Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Rochester


Ney, Alyssa. “Ontological Reduction and the Wave Function Ontology”, in D.Z. Albert and A. Ney, eds. The Wave Function: Essays on the Metaphysics of Quantum Mechanics, forthcoming. [penultimate version]

_______. “The Status of Our Ordinary Three Dimensions in a Quantum Universe”, in Noûs, September 2012. [DOI]

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_______. “The Causal Contribution of Mental Events”, in S. Gozzano and C. Hill, eds. The Mental and the Physical: New Perspectives on Type Identity, 2012. [penultimate version]

_______. “Convergence on the Problem of Mental Causation”, in Philosophical Issues, 2010. [DOI]

_______. “Are There Fundamental Intrinsic Properties?”, in A. Hazlett, ed. New Waves in Metaphysics, 2010. [penultimate version]

_______. “Physical Causation and Difference-making”, in The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, December 2009. [DOI]

_______. “Defining Physicalism”, in Philosophy Compass, July 2008. [DOI]

_______. “Physicalism as an Attitude”, in Philosophical Studies, March 2008. [DOI]

_______. “Can an Appeal to Constitution Solve the Exclusion Problem?”, in Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, December 2007.[DOI]

_______. “Physicalism and Our Knowledge of Intrinsic Properties”, in Australasian Journal of Philosophy, March 2007. [DOI]

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30 October 2012