Bonnie M. Meguid

Ph.D. Harvard, 2002


Welcome to my home page. I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Rochester.

My research interests include political parties and party systems, voting behavior, political institutions and elections in advanced industrial democracies, with a focus on Western Europe.   My specific projects explore the nature and effects of party competition between unequal political competitors, the role of issue salience and ownership in vote choice, the decision to adopt political and electoral institutions, such as decentralization and compulsory voting laws, and the consequences of institutional reform for parties and voters.


This page contains links to my curriculum vitae, research statement, my book (Party Competition between Unequals) and articles, and work in progress.



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                    Bonnie M. Meguid     

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                    University of Rochester

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                    Phone: 585-275-2338

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