Archigos. A Data Base on Leaders 1875 - 2004. A collaborative effort with Kristian Skrede Gleditsch (University of Essex, UK) and Giacomo Chiozza (Vanderbilt). The Archigos data set is the winner of the 2014 Lijphart/Przeworski/Verba Dataset Award, sponsored by the APSA section on Comparative Politics.

  • Version 3.0, updated until 31 December 2014 is in the works. Shu Yu (Econ. Groningen) and Mike Ward (Duke) and collaborators have put in a lot of time and effort to provide an independent update. We are currently going through the update and hope to include several new variables, including term limits.
  • Version 2.9 (February 2009) -- which has the leader-spell as the unit of observation -- contains information on the date and manner of entry and exit of over 3,000 leaders 1875 - 2004 as well as their gender, birth- and death-date, previous times in office and their post-exit fate. For ease of use, we also provide a version of these data with time-varying records, where the unit of observation is the leader-year. (Upon request we can provide a list of changes to version 2.8.) Both data sets are in Stata format.
  • To introduce the data to the wider community we wrote "Introducing Archigos: A Data Set of Political Leaders," Journal of Peace Research, 46(2), (March) 2009: 269-183. This article describes some very basic but nonetheless interesting patterns. We would appreciate it if users would cite this article as their reference for the data. A codebook with case descriptions--about 750 pages--is available. This codebook and information is continuously updated.
  • I completed collecting data on election dates for leaders in Archigos for the period 1919 - 2006 (in cvs format). The file contains data for the earlier period 1900 - 1918 but I do not claim this is comprehensive or complete. This data is not yet integrated in Archigos. I would appreciate feedback on omissions, mistakes and addenda. An effort is underway to upgrade and extend this data, this upgraded version should become available by the late Fall of 2009.
  • We will continue to update and extend Archigos. Future versions will include a new variable which records whether a leader was related to a previous leader. In addition, future versions will offer finer-grained codings on how leaders entered and left office, as well as information on term limits.