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If you have any questions about Leadership and Member Development, please feel free to contact the Leadership Development and Training Graduate Assistant.

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Brandon Stroud
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About Leadership Values in Action (Leadership VIA)

The Leadership Values in Action series encompasses a series of interconnected programs that cover the whole academic year. The programs may have a specific focus like leadership development, hazing prevention, or effective transitions. Other programs may have a more specific focus on learning outcomes and audience (New Members, Presidents, New Member Educators, etc.). The overall goal of the Leadership VIA program is have our fraternity and sorority members become exceptional leaders on campus, and to embody the values of the fraternity/sorority, the College, and FSA on a daily basis. Below are the current Leadership VIA programs and the values that these programs embody. 

Leadership VIA programs for 2014-2015

  • Fall Leadership Conference (Strengthen your Organization)
  • National Hazing Prevention Week (Hazing Prevention)
  • New Member Educators/Intake Chair Workshop (Reputation, Expectations, & Hazing Prevention)
  • New Member Orientation (Effective Recruitment, Hazing Prevention, & Values Assessment)
  • Archon Challenge (Collaboration, Values Assessment, Goal-Setting, Effective Communication, & Relationship Building)
  • FSA Achievement Reception (Affirmation of Achievement)
  • Requestable programming for chapters (Strengthen your Organization)

Program Requests

If you would like to request one of the following programs for your chapter, please click on the link below. 

  • Strategic Planning Workshop
    An FSA staff member will lead you through a series of workshops designed to help your members set priorities, assess areas of growth/change, and create new systems for strengthening the organization. This session works best with the entire membership but can be adapted for an executive board as well. 
  • Values Workshop
    Every fraternity and sorority has a set of values their organization is built upon. This workshop will help chapters and individuals become more aware of their personal, organizational, and institutional values. Members will reflect upon these values and how the values can help them contribute actively and positively in the greater community.
  • Transition Workshop
    The purpose of the transition workshop is to better prepare incoming officers, and to provide them with the tools they will need to be more effective leaders. We can help you create individual  transition plans, timelines for managing effective transition in the future, and provide various resources for your chapter's continued success.
  • SMART Goals Consultation
    This session will help you develop goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. Using examples from your actual Expectations for Excellence document, we will strengthen your ability to articulate your goals and make them easier to implement.
  • Programming Action Plan
    Do you have great programming ideas that you have trouble implementing? We can help you articulate your programming goals and create a plan of action for your members to keep your programs on track. Whether you are planning one large-scale program or want to create a programming plan for an entire semester, an FSA staff member can work with you to make your program successful.
  • Recruitment/Intake Workshop
    Recruitment and Intake is a year-round process. This workshop will provide you with suggestions and techniques to assist your chapter in building relationships with potential new members, gaining new membership, and maintaining success throughout the process.

If your organization does not find a program listed above that meets the organizations needs, please email the Graduate Assistant for Leadership Development and Training (valuesGA@rochester.edu) for more information.

To request a program, click on the Program Request Form


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