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Expectations for Excellence

Accreditation Information

On December 1st, each chapter submits an Expectations for Excellence Plan (EE Plan) and their Annual Report to the Fraternity and Sorority Standards Sub-Committee. The plan should include their proposed events and strategy for the calendar year while the report reviews their success in achieving their previous plan and reflects on their performance throughout the year. The chapters also give a fifteen minute presentation to a review panel composed of two staff or faculty members and a student. The Fraternity and Sorority Standards Sub-Committee reviews the annual reports and plans, as well as the feedback from the presentation review panel, along with supplemental information provided by the chapters and the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs. After evaluating all of the materials, the Fraternity and Sorority Standards Sub-Committee makes their accreditation decisions and provides feedback on the EE Plan.

The Subcommittee on Standards will notify each organization of its accreditation decision by March 1st. Every effort will be made to provide as much feedback as possible, including suggestions for future plans.

Review Process Guidelines

Chapter Accreditations