Text Box: Shawn Ling Ramirez

About Me


I am a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Rochester’s Political Science Department


Fields: International relations (passed with distinction), comparative politics,

and formal theory


Teaching and Research Interests


International Relations


Terrorism, Conflict and Security, Domestic Politics and International Behavior, International Organizations, Proxy Warfare, Conflict Management, State Sovereignty and Informal Governance


Comparative Politics


Political Institutions, Representation and Accountability, Latin American Politics, Social Movements and Revolution, Civil and Ethnic Conflict, Political Instability, Constitutions


Published Work


Influence in Terrorist Networks: From Undirected to Directed Graphs

Studies in Conflict and Terrorism 29(7), Oct-Nov 2006: 703-718.

with Steven J. Brams and Hande Mutlu of New York University, NY

Presented at Public Choice Society, New Orleans, LA 2005



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