Theories of International Relations                                   

PSC 272: Fall 2007, Fall 2010 with Professor Randall Stone

This course covers foundational theories of conflict, cooperation, international institutions, democratic peace, and trust, as well as both complete and incomplete information game theory.


Introduction to International Relations

PSC 106: Spring 2008, Spring 2009, Spring 2010 with Professor Hein Goemans

Lessons focused on a variety of topics, including images of war, levels of analysis, security dilemma, power, nuclear weapons, international law, international organizations, issues of state sovereignty, civil and ethnic conflict, failed states, terrorism.


Introduction to Comparative Politics

PSC 101: Fall 2006 with Professor G. Bingham Powell       

This course examined the extent to which citizens can gain representation, and hold their leaders accountable through the electoral systems found in Britain, Northern Ireland, modern day Russia, Germany, and the U.S.




2008 Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award

2009 Experienced TA Training Leader in the first university-wide TA Training Workshop



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I strive to provide structure by highlighting the debates and connections surrounding our theories, puzzles, and hypotheses, while encourage critical thinking, drawing upon history, and raising challenges while navigating the sometimes complex course materials.