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Research Internship Policy

Internship registrations require time for the Graduate Studies Office (GSO) to approve and create a unique course registration number (CRN). All completed paperwork is required in the GSO at least two weeks prior to the start of the term in which the internship will be held. 

A graduate practical research internship is designed to allow a student to obtain practical experience in their graduate research field by working on an internship outside the university for a short period of time during their graduate education.

  • Internships require a faculty member to agree to serve as the advisor. The student must obtain the signature of the faculty member (on the Internship Approval Form) in order to register for an internship. Students are required to submit a short write-up of their internship experience to their internship faculty advisor. The faculty member will provide a grade for the one-credit internship based on this write-up.
  • Student must register for one credit under:
    • Full-time internship: 494 (master’s) or 594 (PhD)
    • Part-time internship (less than 20 hours/week, in the Rochester area)
  • If a full-time internship is taken over the semester rather than over the summer, the student must also register for continuing enrollment, 899A (master’s) or 999A (PhD).
  • Each one-credit internship, up to a maximum of two, counts toward the total required credits for the degree (30 or 32 for master’s, 90 for PhD) and must be included in the student’s program of study. To count additional credits of internship beyond two toward the degree requirements requires approval of the dean of graduate studies.
  • Health insurance: Students currently enrolled in the University of Rochester Student Health Insurance plan will remain on this plan during the internship period.
  • For master’s students internships represent “research” credit. Thus, in order to complete Plan B for the master’s degree, students must make sure the sum of their internship credits (494/494P) and their other “research/reading” credits (495/491 courses) total less than or equal to six.


All internships require the following paperwork:

  • Internship Approval Form (with faculty advisor signature)
  • Paper registration form:
    • During the summer: register for 494 (master’s) or 594 (PhD)
    • Full-time internship during the semester: register for 494 & 899A (master’s) or 594 & 999A (PhD)
    • Part-time internship during the semester: register for 494P (master’s) or 594P (PhD) as well as additional course or research credits.
  • 506 form charging the student’s standard tuition scholarship to the department. Note that if the student is paying any of the tuition charge, the registration form must be stamped by the Bursar’s Office to show that this tuition fee has been paid by the student.

Please note that the Internship Approval Form will be returned to the department after it has been approved by the AS&E dean of graduate studies. For international students, the department is responsible for forwarding the form on to ISO with all other required paperwork.