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Current Students

Academic Probation Policy

All graduate students are expected to maintain high standards of academic performance in their course work and their research. Minimum grades for courses or research work carrying graduate credit are C or S. However, a student can get credit for only one C during the course of their graduate studies.

Getting Placed on Academic Probation

A student who receives the grade of C in one or more courses or the grade of E in one or more courses will be considered to have an unsatisfactory record and will be automatically placed on academic probation*. A student on academic probation cannot be awarded a graduate degree. Students in extenuating circumstances may appeal to the dean of graduate studies.

* Students who receive their first and only C in their final semester are not subject to academic probation.

Removal from Academic Probation

A student will be removed from academic probation if the student completes 12 semester hours of graduate credit with no grade lower than B-. If the student receives a grade below B-, the student is subject to removal from the program. In such a case, the student must petition the dean of graduate studies to remain in the program. This petition must be approved by the program director or department chair, and it must include a discussion of the reason for the poor performance and a plan for improved academic performance.