Graduate Studies

English as a Second Language

ESL for AS&E Graduate Students

Week 3

This week we will explore how to give more effective feedback to_students. What if you see a student doing something wrong in a lab - how can you provide redirection in a soft way? What if a student makes a mistake - how can you give correction without sounding insulting? What are the cultural expectations surrounding providing correction to adult students?

We'll also be talking about American Higher education systems. How might the logistics of the US system influence the way students expect to interact with their TAs and professors? What kind of background can you assume that students in your labs have?

English vowel sounds can often be very tricky for non-native English speakers. It seems that the spelling of English words really gives us no clue how to pronounce vowels...or does it? There are some rules - we'll learn them.

Also, we will be doing a fun activity to explore the origins of English words. Thinking about where words came from can help you strengthen your vocabulary and remember new words more easily.

This week's materials:

Due Dates of Assignments/Readings:

September 22, 2014 -Nothing due.

September 24, 2014 - Please have read Sarkisian pp. 39-46 (before class); pay special attention to p. 43 and p. 46.

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