Graduate Studies

Incoming Students

Estimated Expenses

The Financial Aid Office has estimated the following support requirements for your information and planning for 2017-2018.
(Actual figures listed on immigration documents will vary slightly.)

Schedule of Charges for Graduate Students [pdf]

(24 credits)
(32 credits)
Tuition $38,304 $51,072
Health Fee $600 $600
Health Insurance $2,292 $2,292
UHS PT Student Processing Fee $30 $30
Activity Fee $20 $20
Rent $9,540 $9,540
Utilities $750 $750
Food $4,760 $4,760
Books, Supplies, Personal Expenses $1,310 $1,310
International Student Fee $50 $50
Repatriation and Evacuation Fee** $10 $10
Total $57,666 $70,434
Dependent Support $7,000 (spouse) $7,000 (each child)

* Health insurance is for the student. This fee can be waived if the student has his/her own insurance that meets University criteria. Spouses who enroll in the health insurance pay the same fees for health insurance and the mandatory health fee as the student. The fee to cover one child is $2,292, to cover two+ dependent children the fee is $4,584 for 2017-2018.

** Repatriation and Evacuation Insurance for Foreign Nationals. This fee is waived for students who are enrolled in the University-sponsored health insurance plan since repatriation insurance is included in the plan.