Graduate Studies


Expectations and Responsibilities

Master's Students

This page outlines the principles governing graduate education in Arts, Sciences and Engineering at the University of Rochester.

Graduate Student Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures governing graduate students at the University of Rochester can be found in the Graduate Bulletin. Additional policies for graduate students in Arts, Sciences and Engineering (AS&E) can be found on the AS&E Graduate Studies website. Students should discuss departmental or program-specific policies with their program Director of Graduate Studies (DGS). Students should be aware of and comply with all University, AS&E and departmental policies governing their program.

Master’s Student Expectations

As with most worthwhile endeavors, success in graduate study cannot be guaranteed and often depends on the mutual efforts of faculty and student. Master’s students may reasonably expect the following support in their program. The exact way in which these goals may be met can vary, depending on the program and the department.

Master’s Student Responsibilities

Master’s students are responsible for working towards completion of their degree programs in a timely manner. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure continued progress of his or her academic program. Students have a responsibility for the following aspects of their program.