Faculty Research Grant Recipients Fall 1998 - Spring 2000


  • Rosemary Feal, Modern Languages and Cultures
    Presented "Traveling Queer Theories: Transnational Lesbian Erotica en español" at the Latin American Studies Association Conference
  • Elizabeth Goodstein, Modern Languages and Culture
    Presented "Consuming Passions: Love's Madness in Kleist's Penthesilea" at the Group in Early Modern Cultural Studies Conference
  • Jean Pedersen, Eastman Humanities
    Work on her book, Legislating the Family: Republican Politics and Culture in France, 1870-1920
  • Jennifer Aube, Clinical and Social Psychology
    Research about the effectiveness of an intervention program aimed at enhancing the well-being of adolescent girls
  • Nancy Chin, Community and Preventive Medicine
    Contributed to an ACCUTE workshop on sociocultural issues in medicine
  • Joyce McDonough, Linguistics
    Research about the differences in the acoustic vowel space of contemporary Navajo women and men
  • Molly McNulty, Community and Preventive Medicine
    Presentation on the feasibility of, and receive feedback about, a research project to define the legal and public policy implications of inequities in health care delivery to adolescent girls at the American Bar Association's Conference on Children and the Law: Addressing Tough and New Issues in Children's Legal Advocacy
  • Jean Pedersen, Eastman Humanities
    Presented "Creating the Social Scientific Canon: Early Feminism, Utopian Socialism, and Comtian Positivism in the Work of Emile Durkheim" at the annual meeting of the Society for French Historical Studies
  • Ernestine McHugh, Eastman Humanities
    Research about the consequences of recent large scale political transformations in Nepal, focusing especially on the ways in which such changes affect the self-image and world view of men and women differently
  • Joyce Middleton, English
    Presented "The Future is Clear: White Women and 'Black Matters' in Rhetoric and Composition" at the Conference on College Communication and Composition
  • Rebecca Resinski, Religion and Classics
    Presented "The Ever-Adorned Female Body in Hesiod's Cosmos and Ischomachus' House" at the University of Wales Institute of Classics and Ancient History conference

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