Faculty Research Grant Recipients Fall 2005 - Spring 2010


  • Sylvie Beaudette, Eastman School Chamber Music
    Funding for a three concert tour in Minnesota and North Dakota with soprano Eileen Strempel.
  • Nancy Chin, Community and Preventive Medicine
    Presented her work on “Violence and Infant Feeding: Risk Management Strategies of Low-Income Women” at the 5th Breastfeeding and Feminism  Symposium, held March 20th,2010. The symposium, “Breastfeeding and Feminism 2010: Informing Public Health Approaches,” was held at the University of North Carolina. '
  • Eleana Kim, Anthropology
    Travel for her project “Histories of Race, Gender, and Religion in Transnational Adoption.”
  • Christina Koulouglioti, School of Nursing
    Funds for her current research project, “Improving young children’s essential routines: test of an intervention.”
  • Greta Niu, English
    Funding for travel to Montreal, Quebec, Canada for the Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) 2010 Convention. The Convention ran from April 8-11 and Professor Niu presented her work “Border Crossings in Chinese Cinema” at the Convention’s “Global Cinemas” seminar.
  • Jean Pedersen, Eastman Humanities and English
    Traveled to Paris, France in August to continue archival work for her current book project, “The Gender of Truth: Men and Women as Public Intellectuals   in France from 1890-1920.” This book not only explores the relationships between and among a particularly important group of roughly 150 male and female academics, activists, novelists, and journalists, but also explains why it has been so much easier for historians and literary critics in the United  States, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom to remember the significance of the men in the group more than the women.
  • Rachel Remmel, American Studies, Eastman School of Music Humanities
    Attended the 2009 History of Education Society (HES) Conference last October 22-25, where she presented her paper “Abolishing Boston’s High School for Girls: Politics and the Monitorial System,” to the “Gender and Co-Education: News from the Archives” panel.
  • Joan Saab, Art History
    Traveled to San Diego, CA this past August to visit Chicano Park, home to the country's largest collection of outdoor murals . 
  • Victoria Wolcott, History
    Funding for travel to the 2010 Berkshire Conference of Women Historians. Professor Wolcott presented her paper titled “Eroseanna Robinson: The Long  Civil Rights Movement and Interracial Pacifism in Postwar America,” which examines the work of an African-American war resister & nonviolent activist.


  • Stephanie Li, English 

    To attend the American Literature Association Annual Conference to be held May 21-24 in Boston, MA

  • Greta Niu, English, Film and Media Studies
"Encoding Gender, Ethnicity and Culture in Video Games" (a study with Thaddeus Pawlicki, Computer Science) reviewing the social, economic and cultural impact of interactive digital media (video games)

  • Jean Pedersen, Eastman School of Music Humanities
"Erotics, Taste, and the Land: Containing the Modern Francaise," a panel for the 2008 annual meeting of the Western Society for French History

  • Jean Pedersen, Eastman School of Music Humanities
On-going book project about men and women as public intellectuals in France at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, introducing the stories of a number of important women

  • Rachel Remmel, Eastman School of Music Humanities
Presenting an accepted paper at the 2009 meeting of the Society for the History of Childhood and Youth (July 10-12) on a panel dealing with “Spatial Perspectives on Children at Risk.”

  • Joan Saab, Art and Art History, Visual and Cultural Studies
    Tokyo, Japan, Society of Cinema and Media Studies Annual Conference Joanna Scott English "The Gilt Cabinet" a new book, my first extended work of nonfiction, about Armand De Potter, an early 20th century collector of "antiquities", and his relationship with two women—his wife (Aimee De Potter), and Sara Yorke Stevenson


Anthea Butler, Religion & Classics
    "The Future of American Women's Religious History, a panel presentation at the American Academy of Religion Meeting in November, 2007


  • Emile Devereaux, Art and Art History, Film and Media Studies 

    Installation of Under the Skin in association with the museum show "Subjected Culture: Interruptions and Resistances on Femaleness." Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 2008.

  • Sarah Higley, English 

    Presented “Dressing Up the Nuns: The Lingua Ignota and Hildegard of Bingen's Clothing” at the IMC at Leeds, UK, July 2008.

  • Stephanie Li, English 

    Presented "Love and the Trauma of Resistance in Gayl Jones's Corregidora" at the College English Association Annual Conference. March 2008, St. Louis, MO

  • Dianne Morrison-Beedy, School of Nursing
Research: "Understanding Microbicide Use in Adolescent Girls.”

  • Sylvie Beaudette, Chamber Music, Eastman School of Music 

    Production fees for (In)Habitation: Musical Settings of Margaret Atwood Poetry by American Women Composers

  • Douglas Crimp, Art and Art History 

    Film stills for Our Kind of Movie, a book on the films of Andy Warhol. Manuscript expected to be completed by January 1, 2009

  • Cilas Kemedjio, Modern Languages and Cultures
Archival research and Interview of Odile Biyidi-Awala for manuscript on Mongo Beti, July 2008

  • Stephanie Li, English 

    Purchase books and meet with Professor Shirley Samuels, Cornell University in preparation for making revisions and writing the conclusion of Something Akin to Freedom: The Politics of Sexual Agency in Narratives by African American Women. June-August 2008.


  • Greta A. Niu, English
    Most Wired' and Wire Work: Model Minorities, Chinese Cinema, Console Games" presented at Console-ing Passions conference April 23-28

  • Sylvie Beaudette, Chamber Music, Eastman School of Music 

    Soprano Eileen Strempel & Sylvie presented a lecture-recital on song settings of Margaret Atwood's poetry at the Feminist Theory Music Conference 2007

  • Emile Devereax, Art and Art History, Film and Media Studies

    Did research for Alan Hart and X Ray Vision in the Archive

  • Ralph Locke, Musicology, Eastman School of Music 

    Presented "Musical Exoticism: Toward a Second, Broader Paradigm" at the national meeting (joint) of the American Musicological Society and Society for Music Theory (on a joint session). "I explored a wider range of instances than is normally considered, in which males and females from 'exotic' locales are portrayed in various ways."

  • Jeffrey McCune, Frederick Douglass Institute 

    Presented "Whiteness as Queerness: Brokeback, the Down Low, and the Telling of Queer History" at Lavender Languages Conference in February

  • Jean Pedersen, Humanities, Eastman School of Music
Presented “‘I entertain and caress the truth no matter whose hands I find it in’: Gender, Public Intellectuals, and Dreyfusard Political Culture” at the annual meeting of the Society for French Historical Studies.


  • Jeffrey T. Runner, Linguistics 

    Met with researchers to further course and professional development at Toronto Workshop on Phonetics, Gender and Sexual Orientation

  • Rachel Ablow, English 

    Presented “George Eliot’s Bad Subjects” at "Narrative: An International Conference," Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada in April

  • Sarah Higley, English 

    Presented "Geheimschrift: Hildegard of Bingen's 'Unknown Letters' in Comparison with Later Models" at the Medieval Institute Conference at Kalamazoo in May

  • Joan Saab, Visual and Cultural Studies 

    Presented "The Parental Public Sphere" on the Panel for the Visual Culture Caucus, College Art Association February 24

  • Rachel Haidu, Art and Art History 

    Presented "'Saute ma ville,' stay at home: 1968 and the filmed interior" at a symposium in April 2006 at Ithaca College

  • Jean Pedersen, Humanities, Eastman School of Music
Presented "'Bitter Aspects of Our Modern Economy': Conflicted Representations of Working Women in the Belle Époque" at the Society for French Historical Studies in April 2006

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