Susan B. Anthony Dissertation Award Recipients 2005-2010


  • Kathleen Casey, Department of History
    “Crossdressers and Racecrossers: Intersections of Gender and Race in American Popular Vaudeville, 1900-1930”
  • Elizabeth Kalbfleisch, Department of Art and Art History/Program of Visual and Cultural Studies
    “Bordering on Feminism: Home and Transnational Sites in Recent Visual Cultural and Native Women’s Art”


  • Jennifer Lightweis-Goff , Department of English
    " 'Blood at the Root:' Lynching as American Cultural Nexus "


  • Amy Fenstermaker, Department of English
    "Bridging the Gap between (white) Metafiction & (black) Self-Reflexivity"


  • Kathleen Utter King, School of Nursing
    “Association Testing of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Implicated Allelic Variants in Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus and Matched Controls” 
  • April Miller, Department of English
    “Offending Women: Modernism, Crime, and Creative Production” 


  • Tatyana Bakhmetyeva , Department of History
    “From Sotia Svechina to Madame Swetchiine, (1782-1857): The Construction of Female Authority in Nineteenth-Century Russia and France ”
  • T'ai Smith, Department of Art and Art History/Program in Visual and Cultural Studies
    “Weaving Work at the Bauhaus: The Gender and Engendering of a Medium, 1919-1937”


  • Daniel Humphrey, Department of Art and Art History/Program in Visual and Cultural Studies
    “Projected Affects/Constructed Subjects: Considering the Queer American Spectator of ‘Foreign' Feature Films”
  • Tara McCarthy, Department of History
    “True Women, Trade Unionists, and the Lessons of Tammany Hall”

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