Graduate Research Grant Recipients Fall 1998 - Spring 2000


  • Mara Amster Attended Folger
    Institute seminar, "Researching the Renaissance"
  • Lina Kawar
    Research on the attitudes of Jordanian women toward breast cancer and the impact of their participation in self-care and screening programs
  • Mary Kate Kelly
    Presented "As Seen on TV: Scandal, Media Excess and 'Excessive' Female Sexuality in Gus Van Sant's To Die For" at Society for Cinema Studies Conference
  • Tyra Seldon
    Presented "The Imaginary Calm and the Realistic Abyss: Black Women as Cultural Markers and Makers" at the National Association of African American Studies Conference
  • Tina Takemoto
    Presented "Three on a Match: Race, Trauma, Collaborative Performance" at the Testimonial Cultures and Feminist Agendas Conference
  •  Elizabeth Wells
    Research for dissertation, "West Side Storys: Perspectives on a Great American Musical"
  • Stephen Jenkins
    Presenting "Gender-Related Attitudes and Characteristics in Dating Aggression" at the American Psychological Association Conference
  • Jennifer Klein
    Presented "Nervousness and Gender at the Turn of the Century" at the Northeast Modern Languages Association convention
  • Alyssa O'Brien
    Presented "Not being Clarissa any more: the Metamorphosis of Mrs. Dalloway" at the Virginia Woolf conference, and "'theyre not going to be chaining me up': Moving Molly Bloom in the Twenty-first Century" at the James Joyce Conference
  • Elizabeth Wells
    Will be presenting "A Quiet Russian Family: Lady Macbeth and Sexual Politics in the Stalinist Era" at the Feminist Music and Theory 5 Conference

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