Summer Research Grants

We are pleased to announce that starting in 2008, the Institute has a small, yet endowed fund to assist undergraduate students in summer research specifically on Gender and/or Women's Studies. Requests can be made for funds from $100 – $3000. Special requests over the $3000 maximum will be considered judiciously.

All requests should be accompanied by a detailed explanation of the intended research and a proposed budget for the entire project including the portion the candidate wishes to have the Grant applied towards. Please visit the online Research Grant Application Form use it to generate your initial application.

Applications are due in early April of each year. Please see the department Events Calendar for the exact date for this academic year.


Examples of the types of projects we will consider include (but are not limited to):

  • Foreign or Domestic Travel/Accommodations costs
  • Conference or Event Fees
  • Project Supplies/Durable Equipment
  • Publication/Production Fees for papers or recordings

Please note that research grant funding may not be used to pay for participant incentives.

For more information, please contact Angela Clark-Taylor, SBAI Program Manager.

Lattimore 538

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