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The Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender and Women’s Studies is dedicated to addressing curricular and scholarly issues important for understanding the role of women, gender, and sexuality throughout history and in contemporary society. In service of this mission SBAI provides courses, events and event series, and resources on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex (LGBTQI) topics.


The SBAI also houses The Pride Network’s Library for the University, as well as our own SBAI Library. Books from these libraries are available for check out in 540 Lattimore Hall. Browse the SBAI Library and the Pride Library online.


The Susan B. Anthony Institute hosts the Undergraduate Council for Gender and Women’s Studies (UCGWS). UCGWS provides a space to continue discussions regarding gender, sexuality, and women's studies outside of the classroom, and serves as a way for SBAI to reach and become involved with a greater number of students at the University of Rochester.

500 Joseph C Wilson Blvd
P.O. Box 270434
Rochester, NY 14627


This list is non-exhaustive. Current course offerings by semester can be found at

•LIN 103/WST 103 Language and Sexuality
•REL 189/WST189 Sexuality in World Religion
•WST 206 Feminism, Gender, and Health
•PSY 209/WST 209 Psychology of Human Sexuality
•WST 210 LGBTQ Experiences in US History
•WST 212 Queer Theory
•MUR 236/WST 241 Music, Ethnography, and HIV/AIDS
•FMS 255/WST 204 Feminist Film Theory
•GER 272/WST 272 Gender and Sexuality in the 20th Century
•AH 310/WST 221 Representing Differences
•EDE 440/WST 290 LGBTQ Issues in Education and Human Development


This list is non-exhaustive. Check the University’s clusters page at for the most up-to-date cluster listings.

•#H1WST001 Race and Gender
•#H1WST002 Gender, Culture, and Representation
•#H1WST004 Gender and Sexuality
•#H1WST005 LGBTQ Studies in the Humanities
•#S1WST001 Gender and Social Issues
•#S1WST003 Gender, Science, and Health
•#S1WST004 Gender and Public Policy


SBAI works to incorporate LGBTQI concerns across our events and and celebrations including coordinating the calendar for the University of Rochester’s LGBTQI Awareness Month currently managed with the Office of Faculty Development and Diversity. LGBTQI Awareness Month was developed by SBAI Program Manager Angela Clark-Taylor, who presented the first LGBTQI Awareness Month at the University of Rochester in 2011.

During LGBTQI Awareness Month we hold our annual Rainbow Lecture addressing LGBTQI issues from a scholarly perspective and the Out in Reel LGBTQI Film Series that looks at these issues from a variety of perspectives. We also collaborate with other programs, departments, student groups, and community organizations to provide additional events and education on LGBTQI topics across the academic year.


The Susan B. Anthony Institute hosts Rocxxy: Summer Internship in Feminist Activism and Leadership for undergraduate students at the University. Rocxxy was developed by SBAI Program Manager Angela Clark-Taylor, and was launched in the summer of 2013. The program combines a professional internship experience with guest speakers, field trips to historic sites, and readings and reflections on feminist activism and leadership. This combination of academic, experiential, and professional experiences is meant to inspire and equip students to become stronger, more prepared leaders for social change. Some of the internship sites we include in the program are organizations that deal specifically with LGBTQI issues, such as the Gay Alliance of Genesee Valley and the New York Civil Liberties Union, and the program's curriculum spends time reading about and discussing LGBTQI issues and activism. To learn more about the program and take a look at last year's sample syllabus, click here.

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