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Alumnae Spotlight

We decided that the closing of summer break and the beginning of the new academic year is a wonderful time to catch up with some SBAI alumnae! Take a minute to learn about where they have been and what they are up to.

Carolyn Eisenman

Carolyn Eisenman

Carolyn was the first Women’s Studies graduate from the University of Rochester in 1984. Since then, she has held professional positions in education, banking, high tech and consulting firms, and health care.

Carolyn says, “I am working for URMC’s Information Systems Division as an e-Record Credentialed Trainer, and began that role in January of this year.  I train Providers and Nurses in the use of the Ambulatory Electronic Medical Records System and provide telephone and on-site support to various departments.

I turned 50 years old this past week, and had a fabulous time celebrating with my friends and family.  My husband and two ‘children’ (21 and 19 years old) went to Miami for a fun vacation/birthday celebration in March, and my husband and I traveled to Israel this past December to visit our son who was there for 5 months with a program for Jewish youth. A wonderful trip – I highly recommend it!”

Julie Stoltman

Julie Stoltman

Julie graduate from the University of Rochester as a double major in Women’s Studies and Political Science in 2006.

Julie says, “I absolutely loved my time at UR and met so many great people through my involvement with the Susan B. Anthony Institute. My women’s studies degree, as well as my time spent in London while studying abroad junior year, made me want to pursue graduate studies in the UK. After graduation in 2006, I moved to England and earned an MSc in Gender, Development and Globalisation from the London School of Economics in 2007. I then spent a year working as a parliamentary researcher and constituency caseworker for a Member of Parliament in the House of Commons. My background in gender, women’s studies and politics then enabled me to transition from working in Parliament to working for a central government department, as a Policy Advisor for the newly created Government Equalities Office in the UK. In my time at the GEO, I worked on issues related to women’s appointment to company boards of directors, equality legislation and government policies related to maternity and paternity leave. After that, I spent a year working for a local government authority in London as a Senior Policy Officer before moving back to the US in September 2011. Currently, I’m working at a behavioral health agency as in Seattle, WA and volunteering with Planned Parenthood while I contemplate my next career move!”

Julianne Lawlor

Julianne Lawlor

Julie graduated from the University in 2009, and is spending the summer working in Spain as an au pair for a Spanish family. She previously worked as a nanny in San Francisco, and wanted to au pair in order to travel and see what family life is like on a day-to-day basis in a different country.

Julie says, “I am really enjoying my time with my Spanish family, especially the time I have spent on the sailboat that the father of the family both designed and built by hand. A Coruña is a beautiful city, with a lighthouse and security wall built during the Middle Ages. I am currently training for my first half marathon, and this beautiful trail is definitely making my training more enjoyable. I plan to spend the fall in San Francisco, and then I may be moving to Brazil sometime around December to au pair in Sao Paulo for a family I used to work for in San Francisco.

Women's Studies opened my eyes to a lot of things that, while I may have understood on a basic level, I did not know how to articulate. That's what I found so intriguing about the field. Some gender inequalities that now appear so blatant to me, were hidden because I grew up accepting that they were normal and not to be questioned. I feel similarly about traveling. I think that understanding new cultures is helping me to better analyze my own culture. “


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Maggie Maxwell

Maggie was a double major in Women’s Studies and Political Science. She was a Take 5 scholar studying sustainability and co-taught SBAI’s Sisterhood and Feminism course at Sojourner House.  

Maggies says, “I loved being a Gender and Women's Studies Major at UR because the topics were so compelling and important, the professors so passionate about the material they were teaching, the other students inquisitive and engaged, and for the wonderful support of the Susan B. Anthony Institute. I think that I am fortunate, not only to have had such a positive experience as a student, but also to have cultivated a spirit and habit of critical thinking while earning my BA. That is something that will always stay with me. It has served me well in my current position, working at the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University and I am sure that my education and experiences at SBAI will also prove advantageous in my next venture, moving to NYC this fall.”

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Nicci Meadow

Nicci Meadow graduated in 1985 with degrees in Political Science and Women’s Studies She was an officer in the Women's Caucus and a co-captain of the Women's Tennis Team. She created a credited semester-long internship at the National Women’s Political Caucus in 1984, monitoring their endorsed candidates during the year Geraldine Ferraro was on the ticket as the Vice Presidential Nominee.She wrote for a local newspaper, the New Women's Times.

Nicci says, “I especially enjoyed Feminist Post Modernism, a graduate level class that I took with several graduate students.  I also remember writing a paper on international sex trafficking  and sexual assault/rape war tactics, which I was able to do research on and track using United Nations documents. This was much before the trafficking of women became well known, before a time when laws and funding were allocated to start fighting against it.”  

She went on to complete her dream of becoming a legal services lawyer, graduating from Northeastern University School of Law in 1988.  Nicci practiced anti-poverty law for almost nine years in Central Massachusettes, where she organized a union of legal services lawyers.  Nicci says she “pushes the boundaries of her legal career at all times,” and that she “moved on to become a non-profit manager overseeing WIC, domestic violence and sexual assault services, elderly nutrition, Head Start and Child Care, Immigration and Health Care Access programs.” She served as the Executive Director of the Women's Bar Association and Foundation of Massachusetts for three years. Nicci is currently the Director of Elder Services at Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD) in Boston where she is working on creating and advocating for just public policies, social change and ensuring basic services and resources are available for healthy aging with dignity for low in come older adults.  

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