University of Rochester

Richard W. Kaeuper

Position: Professor of History

Field: European History

Specialty: Medieval Britain and continental Europe

Education: PhD, Princeton University, 1967

Contact Info

441 Rush Rhees Library
Dept. of History
Rochester, NY 14627-0070

phone: 585.275.7878
fax: 585.756.4425

Fields of Interest:

My teaching and research interests concentrate on Western Europe between the eleventh and fifteenth centuries and more specifically focus on both sides of the Channel. I maintain a special interest in English history and my early publications were centered there; but I have expanded my scope across the Channel and into topical rather than geographical subjects: justice and public order (War, Justice and Public Order and, in preparation, a book of essays from a conference on law, justice and governance held at UR in May, 2009); chivalry and religion in NW Europe generally (The Book of ChivalryA Knight's Own Book of ChivalryChivalry and Violence and Holy Warrior). I am writing a general book on chivalry for Cambridge University Press.In these works I have made major use of literary evidence as essential insight into mentalite.

Graduate Fields:

I offer the following fields for the PhD qualifying examination. For explanations of fields, see the "Graduate Overview" page in the Graduate Handbook.

Teaching Field:
Medieval European History

Research Field:
Medieval European History

I will not be accepting students for admission.

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