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Academic Athletes

Last year I attended a presentation by Karen Quinn, the Student Support Services Math Instructor at RIT. Ms. Quinn has developed method for succeeding in college-level math by comparing learning to training for athletic performance.

Elite athletes train and practice many hours for the relatively short time they are expected to perform. Elite students shouldn’t struggle with homework problems without first having a solid grasp of the concepts behind them. The best athletes utilize multiple coaches and trainers. Shouldn’t the best students utilize tutors and study groups?

I know I’ve been careless and have thrown around references to “getting extra help.” This does not accurately describe what tutoring is. Tutoring is seeking the advice of experts to improve your skills and talent.

Midterms are underway and you now have a clearer idea of how you’re doing academically. What did your performance say about your training? Can you use additional coaching? Now is a great time to reassess how you’re utilizing Kearns Center tutoring and study group resources. For more information please contact your advisor or me.

Danielle Daniels

About the Author

Danielle Daniels

Danielle Daniels is the STEM Specialist with the Kearns Center.  She has a background in mechanical engineering and has been with the Kearns Center since 2010.

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