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Student Corner

Jaziel Ortiz

Name: Jaziel Ortiz

Hometown: Rochester, N.Y.

Major: Psychology

Clubs/Activities at UR: Sister of Sigma Delta Tau Sorority, member of SALSEROS Latin Dance Team, SALSA member

Future plans: Going to graduate school for either forensic or Industrial/Organizational psychology and hopefully ending my studies with a PhD in one of them.

Favorite thing about UR: There are so many resources here for every need and for every student. I also love that there are so many different things you can join a club for.

Favorite thing about Rochester, NY: There are so many festivals and events and activities here for almost every culture or ethnic group you can think of. I love that Rochester finds every opportunities to embrace the diversity that comprises this city.

Favorite thing about the Kearns Center: Ever since I was accepted into the Kearns Scholars program, the Kearns Center has done nothing but the best for me to make sure I succeed here at UR. They always make sure I am on the right track to graduate and share resources that could help me with any issues I'm having related to school or even personal matters. The advising is always truly appreciated.

Advice for undergraduates: I would just say spare no opportunity. There are so many resources, clubs, activities, people, organizations, and even classes here that are so interesting. If you're interested in something but not sure if you want to do it, I say just do it. You never know what you're gonna end up liking until you try.


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