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Nicole Telleri

I love how Biomedical Engineering integrates an exciting combination of math, science, medicine, and logic.  My love for all of these things is what drew me to the field initially and what continues to excite me every day in my classes and research.  In my sophomore year, I decided I wanted to get some firsthand research experience and I began working on a Parkinson’s disease research project with Dr. Martha Gdowski.  Then this past summer, through the Xerox Research Fellowship, I had the opportunity to do research with Dr. Andrew Berger on improving signal processing of a noninvasive optical brain scan that applies near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS).   I collected subject data and applied additional filtering and analysis methods to the existing data in order to support and novel signal processing method developed by the lab.  This year, I am enjoying being a part of a senior design group collaborating with student at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú to address global health needs.  The specific project that I am working on is a diagnostic tool for the identifying and tracking the progression of diabetic peripheral neuropathy, a growing problem in Peru and other developing nations.  My classes and research experiences have led me to have particular interest in neurological diagnostics.  I hope to specialize my graduate education in neuroengineering next year in a BME master’s degree program and ultimately work in diagnostics for neurodegenerative diseases in an industry research and development setting.