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Undergraduate Programs

Medieval and Early Modern Studies


Courses relevant to the minor are numerous at the University of Rochester. Below is a list of courses taught and being taught.

Art and Art History (Humanities)

AH 101: Introduction to Art and Visual Culture
AH 120: Northern Renaissance
AH 226: IN AREZZO – Monuments of Ancient Italy: History, Structure, Form
AH 236: Art and Culture of Eastern Christianity
AH 240: British Art of the Middle Ages
AH 242: Barbarian Europe
AH 244: Renaissance Art and Social Change in Tuscany
AH 245: Architecture in the High Middle Ages
AH 282: Renaissance Art: Space, Narrative, Form

English (Humanities)

ENG 105: Arthurian Cinema
ENG 105: Middle Welsh Language
ENG 111: Introduction to Shakespeare
ENG 112: Classical and Scriptural Backgrounds
ENG 113: British Literature I
ENG 114: British Literature II
ENG 200: History of the English Language
ENG 201: Old English Literature and Language
ENG 202: Beowulf
ENG 202: The Rewritable Beowulf
ENG 203: Medieval Drama
ENG 203: Middle English Romance
ENG 204: Chaucer
ENG 206: Carnal Speaking: Body and Discourse in Middle English Literature
ENG 206: Medieval Celtic Literature in Translation
ENG 207: English Renaissance Literature
ENG 207: Middle English Literature
ENG 208: Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama
ENG 208: Renaissance Drama
ENG 210: Shakespeare
ENG 211: Milton's Poetry
ENG 213: English Renaissance
ENG 213: English Renaissance Lyric
ENG 213: Milton
ENG 244: Myth and Fairy Tale
ENG 254: Arthurian Traditions
ENG 380: Brain Science and Cognition in Langland, Chaucer and Gower
ENG 380: Renaissance Utopia
ENG 380: Robin Hood: All-American Hero
ENG 380: Utopias
ENG 391: Reading Course in Medieval Literature

History (Social Sciences)

HIS 102: The West and the World to 1500
HIS 123: Early Modern Europe
HIS 131: History of Russia to 1692 [prior to fall 2013 HIS 155]
HIS 228: British History to 1485 [prior to fall 2013 HIS 231]
HIS 230: History from Myth: King Arthur and Robin Hood [prior to fall 2013 HIS 211]
HIS 309W: Mediterranean World, 1400-1800
HIS 331W: Europe in 1215 [prior to fall 2013 HIS 352W]

Modern Languages and Cultures (Humanities)

IT 195Q: Dante's Divine Comedy I
IT 196Q: Dante's Divine Comedy II
IT 220: Courtly Culture of the Italian Renaissance
IT 222: Boccaccio's Decameron
IT 223/AH 226: IN AREZZO – Monuments of Ancient Italy: History, Structure, Form
IT 224A: Create a Documentary, Recreate the Medieval World
IT 244: Fifteenth-Century Italian Art
IT 244: Tuscan Renaissance Painting
IT 245: Dante: A Multimedia Lab
SP 203: Early Hispanic Texts
SP 215: Don Quixote: The Book, The Myth, The Image
SP 249E: Reading Fables, Telling Tales in Medieval and Early Modern Spain
JPN 283: The Culture of Zen

Religion and Classics (Humanities)

REL 101: Introduction to the Old Testament
REL 102: Introduction to the New Testament
REL 104: History of Christianity
REL 107: History of Islam
REL/CLA 140: Classical and Scriptural Backgrounds
REL 148: Arabian Nights
REL 208: Medicine, Magic and Miracle
REL 211: Jews, Pagans and Christians
REL 227: Ancient Christianity
REL 230: Augustine, Anselm and Aquinas
REL 231: Christian History I
REL 232: Christian History II
REL 240: Muhammed and the Qur'an
REL 243: Islamic Mysticism
REL 244: Islamic Mystical Poetry

Music (Humanities)

MUR 141B: Shakespeare and Music
MUR 221: History of Western Music to 1600

Eastman School of Music (Humanities)

AH 281: Art History: Ancient to Medieval
AH 281: Art of the Renaissance
ENG 142: Lyric Poetry
ENG 209: The Elizabethan Shakespeare
ENG 210: The Jacobean Shakespeare
ENG 281/282: Shakespeare’s History Plays
ENG 282: Readings in Medieval English Literature
HUM 282: Dante, Petrarca and Boccaccio
MHS 121: Music and Society: 800 – 1750
MHS 421: Music in the Middle Ages
MHS 422: Music in the Renaissance

Course Schedules and descriptions for the above courses can be found in the CDCS.