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Business Major—Internship and Research Opportunities

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How to get started:

Pursue appropriate coursework and do well in classes. Students interested in an independent study should first complete the core requirements for the major as well as any related preliminary courses in their area of interest. Students interested in pursuing these opportunities should speak to a faculty member whose research expertise is most closely aligned with their interests.

Examples of Recent Undergraduate Research Projects:

Paige Aleski ‘14, Marketing Internship at Dixon Schwabl

Nilanjon Bhowmik ‘13, Mobile Marketing

Karli Cozen ‘15, Sports Management and Marketing with the Rochester Razorsharks

Elias Dawli ‘14, Regulations and the 2008 Financial Crisis

Aric Hernandez ‘13, The Business of Marketing the NBA

Katie Hoff ’12, Study of Consumer Behavior

Joseph Montante ‘14, Internship at Spin Marketing

Jessica Zhang ‘14, Young Entrepreneurs Academy Internship