Orientation ENCORE (Early November Orientation REvisited)

Orientation ENCORE!! What is it?

Remember the Fun of August? YES!   Remember what a cluster is?  WELL…MAYBE….Join us for ENCORE….A two-day “mini orientation” designed to help you CONNECT and RECONNECT with the people, offices and resources that support your life here as a student. Class of 2015, it’s ENCORE time!

ENCORE features workshops, information sessions, and give-always galore!   ALL CLASS of 2015 students are invited!  Check out the following sessions on November 4th & 5th:

See Brief Schedule below or Click Here for FULL SCHEDULE!

Thursday November 3rd

Order of Omega Peer Advising Program

4:30 -7:00pm

Havens Lounge

Curious about what classes to take?  Want academic advice from upperclassmen?  Come to the Order of Omega Peer Advising Session!  Here, you can ask upperclassmen of all majors any questions you have regarding class, professors, departments, and academics on campus.

Friday November 4th

12:30 - 2:00pm

Information Galore Fair

Visit the Ask-an-Advisor table for information on academic matters.  Take Five and KEY programs, tutoring, and fellowships.  Stop by booths from the IT Center. Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, and many more!  Enjoy music and free food, and gather tons of valuable information.

2:00 – 2:50pm

Financial Aid: Changes for Your Sophomore Year

Gowen Room

The way in which you apply for and are awarded financial aid changes as you move into your sophomore year. At this information session, a member of the Financial Aid Office will cover the major steps in the financial aid timeline for 2011-2012. Knowing how the process works will help ensure you receive the maximum amount of financial aid for which you are eligible.

What can the Career Center Do for You?

Hoyt Auditorium

This session overviews the Career and Internship Center’s services and resources.  They will answer typical questions such as: What are these freshmen-focused seminars I’ve read about?  Why do some say that major decisions are truly minor choices?  What is the Internship Imperative?  How can freshmen network with alumni?  Is it too late to find on-campus employment?  Attendees will also have a chance to ask their own career-related questions.

Study Abroad Information Session for Engineers and Pre-Health Majors

Morey 321

Meet science and engineering majors who have gone abroad! One of the most common associated myths is that you cannot study abroad if your major is in the sciences or engineering fields.  On the contrary, technical courses have become increasingly available on overseas study programs.

Today, an international perspective is an essential aspect of an undergraduate science or engineering degree.  In some cases, recent graduates find employment with multinational firms and have the opportunity to work overseas.  But even those who seek positions in the US will need the cross-cultural skills that come from overseas study.

Find out how we provide access to the courses you need in order to have an unforgettable and career-enhancing international experience.  Recently, UR students have taken science courses in Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Scotland, Spain, Chile, Egypt, Sweden, Japan, Germany, the UK, and more.

3:00 – 3:50pm

Show What You Know: Preparing for Exams with the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Hoyt Auditorium

Have you ever thought you were well-prepared for an exam only to learn the hard way that you apparently weren’t?  This workshop will begin to help you explore your current test-taking strategies and identify specific techniques to enhance your performance on exams.  Interactive and instructive, this workshop will give you tangible tools and tactics to implement for the remainder of the semester and beyond.

Study Abroad . . . Start Planning Today!

Morey 321

The journey to a great study abroad experience starts with a few simple steps.  Who can go?  You can! What can I study? There are programs designed for all majors and minors.  When should I go? Most programs are open to sophomores, juniors, and first semester seniors.  Where? UR has locations in 65 cities in 35 countries.  Why study abroad?  Because it’s a great way to build global skills, learn to adapt to new situations, work with people from different cultures, gain confidence, and get new perspectives on yourself, your major, and your career opportunities.  Come to this study abroad information session to speak with students who can answer your questions from experience!

Financial Aid: Changes for Your Sophomore Year

Gowen Room

The way in which you apply for and are awarded financial aid changes as you move into your sophomore year. At this information session, a member of the Financial Aid Office will cover the major steps in the financial aid timeline for 2011-2012. Knowing how the process works will help ensure you receive the maximum amount of financial aid for which you are eligible.

Internship Workshop for International Students

Havens Lounge

Learn about how to find an internships and what you need to do in order to obtain permission to participate in an internship in the US.  The workshop will cover various work authorizations available under current F-1 regulations along with alternative options for those with limited eligibility, which will allow students to pursue internships opportunities this summer.  Representatives from the International Services Office, the Career and Internship Center, and the College Center for Academic Support will be available for questions.

Saturday, November 5th

12:00 -1:30pm

Class of 2015 Brunch with Speaker Nomi Bergman ’85

Meliora: Striving for a Better You!

May Room

The Class of 2015 Council welcomes Nomi Bergman ’85.  She will share her sense of energy and optimism as well as the values of networking and having a voice.  These are all characteristics and actions which you can focus on developing throughout your time here at Rochester.  Nomi made the most of her time here by being and RA, D’Lion, and Meridian, joining a sorority, holding a unique job on campus, and interning for the Monroe County District Attorney’s office.  Meet this amazing woman and hear about how she used her time here to the fullest.   *** FREE EVENT!!!  Plus  Free ENCORE mug for all who attend!

Club Tennis Match vs. SUNY Geneseo Zornow


Goergen Athletic Center (indoor tennis courts)

1:30 -2:20pm

Studenting Your College Parent – Office of Parent Relations

Morey 321

Now that you made it halfway through your first semester of college you’ve likely had several conversations with one or both of your parents.  Some have undoubtedly gone well . . . others, not so much.  Listen to a skit that may sound all too familiar!  Is this how you communicate with your parents?  What are the challenges?  What are the strengths?  Meet staff members from the Office of Parent Relations, the University Health Service, and the University Counseling Center.  Discuss what’s working for you and get some tips from your peers.

You’ve Got a Friend in Me: The Benefits of Having a Mentor – Office of Alumni Relations

Gowen Room/May Room

In high school, whether you called them “coach,” “counselor,” “advisor,” or “mentor,” you may have had someone there to help guide you and get you to where you are now: at the University of Rochester!  Others of you may have gotten here on your own.  But now that you’re here, you may be wondering . . . Who can help me now? Find out how three UR alumni made the most of their Rochester experience by getting connected with members of the campus community.  Discover what the term mentor means, how mentor/mentee relationships are formed, and what benefits are of developing this kind of relationship.

“Cheating” or “Sharing?”  Academic Honesty Across Cultures

Havens Lounge

Academic Honesty is viewed very differently around the world.  Are you sure that you really understand the expectations at the UR?  We will explore these cultural differences and develop specific skill to help you follow UR policies.  This session is highly recommended if you have not attended high school in the US.  You may be surprised to learn how different it is!

2:30 – 3:20pm

Everybody Hates Their Roommate

Havens Lounge

Do you feel like the roommate honeymoon is over?  Thought you would be best friends with your roommate for the rest of your life but now wish you could have traded up for a better model?  Or maybe it hasn’t worked out from the beginning.  Most days you walk into your room and want to walk right back out again.  Not sure what to do?  Presenters will provide you with tips on how to deal with the things that are driving you nuts in your room and hopefully help you maintain your sanity.

How to Cross the Bridge – Rochester Center for Community Leadership

May Room

This session will introduce you to an array of student organizations and coordinated projects that tare designed to help connect you with the off-campus community for the purpose of service and civic engagement.  It will also address larger issues including safety, transportation, and cultural sensitivity.

I Am Sick. Now What?

Morey 321

Did you know you have your own Primary Care Provider (PCP) at University Health Services (UHS)?  DO you know how to make an appointment at UHS? DO you know what to do when UHS is closed?  UHS is here to help you when you feel sick and even when you are not.  Come to this presentation given by students to get all of your questions answered about UHS.  It is just what the doctor ordered.

Louvre Performance Ensemble Presents: DIVIDE


Spurrier Dance Studio

Jazz Ensemble Concert


Strong Auditorium (Upper)

Sunday, November 6th

The UR Rising Leader Conference

9:15am- 4:30pm

May Room

The UR Rising Leader Conference is a new endeavor being organized by the Rochester Center for Community Leadership, Order of Omega, Sigma Chi, and Sigma Phi Epsilon.  It is a leadership and personal development program targeted to freshmen and sophomores who have the potential to become active contributors to campus.  The conference will be led by facilitators from the LeaderShape Institute who will be presenting their Catalyst Workshop as part of this initiative.  This day-long workshop focused on personal development will provide attendees with successful tools to achieve their goals as the next generation of student leaders at the college.  Registration forms can be found online at http:///www.rochester.edu/college/rccl/assets/pdf/UR Rising Leader Program.pdf.

The event is also being co-sponsored by the Dean of Freshmen, the Dean of Sophomores, Wilson Commons Student Activities, the Student Association, Residential Life, The Office of the Dean of the College, and Orientation ENCORE.

Louvre Performance Ensemble Presents:  DIVIDE

5:00pm**Please Note CORRECT TIME!**

Spurrier Dance Studio

Advising Week

CLASS OF 2015: Registration for spring courses begins on November 7th.  Learn about majors, minors, clusters, courses, independent study, Undergraduate councils, and more!  Prepare for spring registration by visiting the Advising Week website. (http://rochester.edu/orientation/advisingweek)