Be an Orientation Volunteer!

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If so, here's your chance:

Each orientation volunteer helps welcome students to campus and assists with a multitude of events in the week before classes begin. Each volunteer is also will be assigned to a freshman hall of their very own! You will have opportunities to work with the Freshmen one–on–one and show them what UR is all about! Not only will this be a great leadership opportunity, but you will also be given the opportunity to make new friends and have fun doing it!Apply Today Ask a question »»

International Student Mentor & Orientation Volunteer! One and the same application!

*International Student Mentors will return to campus on August 19 for training on August 20-23. Volunteers will return on August 20 for training on August 21-23 More details about the position are available in the application.

We are looking for some very special students to serve as mentors for a group of 10-15 incoming international students. Mentors will provide the personal attention and guidance required for a new international student to successfully transition to UR and US life. Responsibilities range from posting on Facebook, answering emails over the summer, assist with international student move-in day activities, accompany students on a shopping trip, organizing group outings through fall semester, and generally being a friend and role model! Please only apply if you are able to return to campus on August 19 for training on August 20. Applications must be received by March 23 at 5 p.m. to 312 Lattimore. Apply Today!

Does your organization want to participate as well? 

Group Volunteer Applications are available now! Turn them into Orientation at 124 Lattimore by April 28, 2015! Don't forget you need to meet with your adviser and receive their signature prior to submission. If you have any questions, please email eleanoroi@rochester.edu or mspielma@sao.rochester.edu.