Undergraduate Program in
Public Health


Steering Committee

Theodore Brown

  • Theodore M. Brown
  • Charles and Dale Phelps Professor of Public Health and Policy
  • Phone: (585) 275-2051
  • Research Interests: Dr. Brown’s research falls into several areas, including the history of American psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine; the influence of organized philanthropy on medical research, health policy, and medical education; the American health left and its role in both domestic and international health policy; and the history of American and global public health. Dr. Brown’s teaching responsibilities include: PH 116 Introduction to the U.S. Health System; HIS 208 Health, Medicine and Social Reform; HIS 209 Changing Concepts of Health and Illness; and HIS 287 History of International and Global Health. He is the primary advisor for students majoring in Health, Behavior, and Society and for students majoring in Health Policy.

Nancy Chin

  • Nancy Chin
  • Associate Professor of Public Health Sciences and Medical Humanities
  • Phone: (585) 275-9780
  • Research Interests: Dr. Chin is interested in social class gradients in health, and women's position in society and its impact on their health and the health of their children. Dr. Chin’s teaching responsibilities include PH 101 Introduction to Public Health I, PH 397A Community Engagement Internship, and PM 458 Qualitative Health Care Research.

Richard Dees

  • Richard Dees
  • Associate Professor of Philosophy and Bioethics
  • Phone: (585) 275-8110
  • Research Interests: Dr. Dees’s research focuses on the social and conceptual foundations of liberal institutions and practices; the historical foundations of modern politics in the eighteenth century; and health care ethics, including justifications for modifying our brains, and the intersection of health care and political philosophy in public health ethics. Dr. Dees’s teaching responsibilities include PHL 228 Public Health Ethics, PH 300 Seminar in Bioethics, and PH 398B Honors Seminar. He is primary advisor for students majoring in Bioethics.

Edwin VanWijngaarden

  • Edwin VanWijngaarden
  • Associate Professor of Public Health Sciences, Environmental Medicine, and Dentistry
  • Phone: (585) 275-1985
  • Research Interests: Dr. van Wijngaarden’s research focuses on the potential role of occupational and environmental exposures (primarily heavy metals and pesticides) in the development of cancer and neurological conditions in both children and adults. Dr. van Wijngaarden’s teaching responsibilities include: PH 103 Concepts of Epidemiology, PM 413 Field Epidemiology, and PM 415 Principles of Epidemiology. He is the primary advisor for students majoring in Epidemiology.