Undergraduate Program in
Public Health

Undergraduate Programs

BA in Health, Behavior, and Society

This major has 12 required and 2 foundational courses. It is a Bachelor of Arts major that satisfies the Social Science requirement of the Rochester Curriculum.

Key goals for this major:

Understand the psychological and societal structures and mechanisms affecting human health behavior.

Understand that health and disease do not depend uniquely on biological mechanisms, but include societal and cultural influences as well.

Understand that psychological and behavioral factors affect human health, and interact with surrounding economic and environmental conditions.

Understand the role of behavioral theory, research, and clinical practice in the promotion and maintenance of physical health and well-being.

**NEW: Students are also encouraged to talk to one of our Health, Behavior, and Society (HBS) Peer Advisers. For information, go to 'Advising Services - Peer Advisers' web page.

Requirements of the Major:

(prerequisites in parentheses)

A. Foundational Anthropology and Psychology Courses:
ANT 102 Introduction to Medical Anthropology
(or other Anthropology course)
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology (none)
B. Common Core (5 courses):
PH 101 Introduction to Public Health I (none)
PH 102 Introduction to Public Health II (PH 101)
PH 103 Concepts of Epidemiology (none)
STT 212 or STT 211 Appl. Stat. for the Biological and Physical Sciences I (212) or Appl. Stat for Social Sciences (211) (none)
PHL 228 or
PHL 225
Public Health Ethics (228) or Ethical Decisions in Medicine (225) (1 in PHL; or permission on instructor)
C. Specific Core Requirements (4 courses):
ANT 216 Medical Anthropology (1 in ANT)
PH 116 Introduction to the U.S. Health System (none)
CSP 161/PSY 161 Social Psychology & Individual Differences (none)
CSP 283/PSY 283 Behavioral Medicine (PSY 101)
D. Electives (3 of the following):
BCS/ PSY 246 Biology of Mental Disorders (BCS 110. BIO 110)
CAS 397 European Health Science Internship (none)
CSP/PSY 267 Psychology of Gender (none)
HIS 202/202W Health, Medicine and Social Reform
*prior to fall 2013 HIS 208
HIS 203/203W (H) Changing Concepts of Health and Illness
*prior to fall 2013 HIS 209
HIS 204/204W History of International and Global Health
*prior to fall 2013 HIS 287
PH 216 Peer Health Advocacy (none)
PH 397W

Community Engagement Internship*
*open to juniors, seniors, Take 5 & KEY PH majors

(PH 101, PH 102, PH 103)

PM 426 Social and Behavioral Medicine (CSP 283)
WST 206 Feminism, Gender, and Health (none)
E. Upper-Level Writing Requirement:
Students will be required to register for two upper-level writing courses within this major, one of these courses is PH 116. The registration rules for new or existing College courses are determined by their respective home departments.

For Double Majors: Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the Public Health-related programs, no more than two courses may overlap between a public health major and another major.