Undergraduate Program in
Public Health

Undergraduate Programs

Minor in Health, Behavior and Society

This minor examines the psychological and societal structures and mechanisms that affect human health and health behavior. The Health, Behavior and Society minor is intended for students who want to explore a secondary interest in the social or behavioral medicine, or those who wish to apply the skills of their major concentration to population health. For students whose major falls within the Humanities or Natural Sciences Divisions, completing a Health, Behavior and Society minor will fulfill the Social Science requirement.

Requirements of a Minor in
Health, Behavior, and Society:

(6 courses; prerequisites in parentheses)

PH 101 Introduction to Public Health I (none)
PH 116 Introduction to the U.S. Health System (none)
Choose 4 of the following:
ANT 216 Medical Anthropology (1 in ANT)
CAS 397 European Health Science Internship (none)
CSP/PSY 161 Social Psychology & Individual Differences (none)
CSP/PSY 283 Behavioral Medicine (PSY 101)
HIS 202

Health, Medicine and Social Reform

*prior to fall 2013 HIS 208

HIS 203

Changing Concepts of Health and Illness

*prior to fall 2013 HIS 209

HIS 204

History of International and Global Health

*prior to fall 2013 HIS 287

PH 216 Peer Health Advocacy (none)
PM 426 Social and Behavioral Medicine (CSP 283)