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•Celia Applegate, Ph.D. (Stanford) Professor of History
• Ewa Hauser, Ph. D. (Johns Hopkins) Adjunct Associate Professor of Political Science
• Rachel Haidu, Ph.D. (Columbia University) Assistant Professor, Department of Art & Art History
• James D. Johnson, Ph.D. (Chicago) Associate Professor of Political Science
• Randall Stone, Ph.D. (Harvard) Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of the Skalny Center for Polish and Central European Studies

The Polish and Central European Certificate Program provides students with an opportunity to develop an interdisciplinary knowledge about Poland and Central Europe. Interested students should put together a list of 10 courses (or 40 credit hours) with the following departmental distribution:

6 courses from the Primary list, of which:
• 4 must be in social sciences (political science, economics, or history)
• 2 must be in languages (any western Slavic language, Romanian, Hungarian, or Yiddish) or cultures (anthropology, art, film studies, music, philosophy, theater, or religion)
4 additional courses from either the Primary or Secondary list.

Substitutes for these courses may be approved by the PCE Studies director. Up to two substitute courses may be foreign language courses above the 105 level.
Courses transferred from another college must be approved by the PCE Studies director.

No primary course may be taken satisfactory/fail, and no more than one secondary course may be taken satisfactory/fail.

Students must earn an overall grade-point average of at least 2.0 in courses submitted for the certificate. Upon graduation, students successfully completing the PCE Studies program will receive a Certificate in Polish and Central European Studies.

Primary Courses

Political Science and History

PSC 251 New Nationalisms: East and West
PSC 255/ANT 250 Political Films
PSC 256 Globalization of Post-Communist Economics
PSC 267 Identity, Ethnicity, Nationalism
PSC 268 Transitions to Democracy
PSC 269 Communism and Democracy in E. Europe
PSC 270 International Politics/Mechanisms of International Relations
PSC 271 Russia & Eastern Europe
PSC 274 International Political Economy
PSC 292 Politics and Economies of Post-Communist Transformation
HIS 205 Europe Since 1945
HIS 206/REL 218 The Holocaust
HIS 226 Hitler's Germany: 1914-1945
HIS 241/RUS 248 Politics of Identity
HIS 293 Stalinism
HIS 318 Ethic Conflict in Modern Europe
HIS 351 Topics in Nationalism and National Identity
RST 248 Politics of Identity
RST 160 The New Europe
RST 161 Europe Today
FMS 241 The Holocaust and After

Languages and Cultures

POL 101 Elementary Polish I
POL 102 Elementary Polish II
POL 103 Polish Review
POL 107 Polish in Poland
POL 151 Intermediate Polish
POL 157 Polish in Poland (on location)
POL 207 Intensive Polish (on location)
POL 224 Polish Art/Literature (on location)
YDH 101 Introductory Yiddish
YDH 102 Intermediate Yiddish
YDH 340 Advanced Yiddish
REL 289 Literature of the Shtetl
RUS 289/HIS 243 Dangerous Texts: Literature and Politics in Russia
FMS 243 Intro to East German Cinema

Primary Courses Offered occasionally by Visiting Faculty

ENG 355V Joseph Conrad
HIS 116 History of Poland
PSC 156 US Policy toward Eastern Europe during the Cold War
PSC 158 Holocaust Film from Europe
PSC 254 Political Economy of Post-Communism
PSC 256 Central European Political Economy
PSC 257 Poland in New Europe
PSC 260 Cold War
JST 210/HIS 240 Jewish Civilization in Poland
JST 222 Jewish Literary Classics
JST 289 Yiddish Literature in Translation

Secondary Courses

ANT 222 Nations and Nationalism
HIS 100 Europe before 1492/Medieval Europe
HIS 101 The West & World Since 1492
HIS 113 Europe in the 19th Century
HIS 114 Europe in the 20th Century
HIS 117 Women in History: Modern Europe
HIS 150/RUS 128 Russian Civilization
HIS 151 History of Imperial Russia
HIS 152 Stalin’s Russia/Soviet Russia
HIS 153/RUS 127 Russia Now
HIS 197Q Religion & Society in Modern Europe
HIS 215 The Enlightenment
HIS 217 Gothic Europe
HIS 219 Romanesque Europe
HIS 225 Germany & Austria: 1800-1914
HIS 233 19th Century European Thought
HIS 234 20th Century European Thought
HIS 247/RST 247 Secret Nation
HIS 284 Art/Culture of Eastern Christianity
HIS 301W The First World War
HIS 350 Topics in Medieval History
HIS 360W War, Money, People: Europe 1648-1789
JST 203 History of Judaism
PSC 101 Introduction to Comparative Politics
PSC 106 Introduction to International Relations
PSC 250W Conflict in Democracies
PSC 258 Democratic Regimes
PSC 262 Globalization Past and Present
PSC 267 Identity, Ethnicity & Nationalism
PSC 271 Russia and East Europe: Politics and International Relations
PSC 272 Theories of International Relations
PSC 279War & Nation State
PSC 350 Problems in Comparative Politics
PSC 351 Western European Politics
REL 104 History of Christianity
REL 233 Catholicism and the Social Order
RST 224 Russian Life
RST 224 Russian Art
RST 289 Dangerous Text: Literature and Politics in Russia


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