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PSC/IR 272 Theories of International Relations

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Old Political Science Field: Positive TheoryInternational Relations
Old International Relations Track: Global Security (A)

This course is archived. It will not be offered again.

Randall Stone
Spring 2010 ("W" Optional) — TR 9:40-10:55

Course Syllabus

How do we explain patterns of war and peace? Why do states with common interests often fail to cooperate? This course surveys theories of international relations, focusing on explanations of conflict and cooperation. In particular, it examines the roles of individual choice, strategic interaction, uncertainty, power, domestic politics, and anarchy. Students participate in an internet-based simulation of an international crisis. The course also serves as an introduction to game theory, and students will be expected to solve game theory problems in homework and exams. Students taking this course for writing credit register for PSC 272W and write a substantial research paper in addition to the other course requirements.