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  • TokyoBrian Hughes wearing Shinto robes in Tokyo, Japan.
  • RussiaYelena Kernogitski sails past the Russian cruiser Aurora on the Neva River in St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • MoroccoLuna Nathaly explores Morocco on a camel.


In the Department of Religion and Classics students explore the great, classical civilizations of West and East and the major religions that emerged from them. The Department offers programs of study in the history and philosophy of the world's major religions, in Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, and Sanskrit languages and literatures, and in ancient Mediterranean and Asian civilizations.

Through the study of important classical, biblical, and religious writings, either in the original language or in translation, students critically examine the beliefs, ideas, values, rituals, and traditions that have shaped Western and Asian cultures and study the ways these have persisted and changed from ancient to contemporary times.

Alumni Profiles

Alumni Profiles

Rachel Darken '10
BA in Religion

Meet Rachel Darken and read what motivated her to pursue a degree in religious studies as well as her advice about study abroad.

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