The School of Arts and Sciences encompasses the major academic areas of the Humanities and Arts, the Social Sciences, and the Natural and Physical Sciences. The 18 academic departments in Arts & Sciences provide outstanding training for undergraduate and graduate students in core disciplines. Additional educational opportunities are offered through other programs, including interdisciplinary work that involves faculty from multiple departments.

Arts and Sciences News

Russell Peck to receive award from Medieval Academy of America

Late Poet Laureate helped celebrate Plutzik Centennial

A close call of 0.8 light years

Curious monkeys share our thirst for knowledge

An extra protein gives naked mole rats more power to stop cancer

Rochester choreographers receive Lillian Fairchild Award for commitment to community

Generating Möbius strips of light

New app would monitor mental health through “selfie” videos, social media

Gigantic ring system around J1407b much larger, heavier than Saturn’s

Daniel Weix to receive a Novartis Early Career Award

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