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UR Sophomores

The Major Decision Process

Tips for the Class of 2021

When should I declare?

If you declare your major by the end of the first week of April you will be eligible to attend the Major Declaration Ceremony scheduled for mid-April.

How Do I Choose My Major? 

Choosing your major is an important task of the sophomore year. Most students will confirm their major decision after taking a set of courses in their intended major, reviewing the requirements on the website, and speaking to faculty and advisors about their interests. Other helpful resources include counselors in the Gwen M. Greene Center, peers, campus staff members, family and other trusted adults, and web-based resources.

How do I declare my major?

Once you have decided on your major, you will find it helpful to meet with an advisor in the department to discuss your interests and the major requirements in more detail. A list of department contacts can be found on the authorized approval list.

Be sure you also consider how you will complete the remainder of the Rochester Curriculum requirements. While most students complete clusters to complement their majors and their interests, students may, in addition to their major, select a second major, or one or more minors. For further information, see majors, minors, and clusters.

Submit the online Major Declaration form.

What if I have additional questions?

What about going abroad?

You might also be considering study abroad. If so, visit the Center for Education Abroad to learn how you can transfer credit earned while studying abroad to your major, minor or cluster(s).