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Arts, Sciences & Engineering
Strategic Plan 2013–2018

Strengthen our faculty and research programs
Strengthen our faculty and research programs

The faculty is our most precious asset. We must redouble our efforts to attract the most talented and diverse faculty, and we must invest in new positions, especially in areas where we have the opportunity to build distinction. We also have to increase our faculty's competitiveness in securing grant support.

  • Data Science Institute and Program
  • Environmental Change, Energy and Resource Sustainability
  • Globalization
  • Additional administrative support
  • Industry partnerships for innovation and economic growth
Strengthen undergraduate and graduate education
Strengthen undergraduate and graduate education

We will continue to invest in providing outstanding undergraduate education in a distinctive research setting in a residential campus. We will enlarge our commitment to professional education through expansion of master's programs.

  • Expand the curriculum
  • Incorporate experiential learning
  • Educate global citizens
  • Bridge the sciences/engineering and the humanities
  • Embed career preparation in the curriculum
Secure our financial stability
Secure our financial stability

We must reduce our endowment draw and secure strong enrollments.

  • Expand master’s programs
  • Strengthen our summer programs
  • Consider introducing an English Language Immersion Program
Improve our infrastructure
Improve our infrastructure

We will invest in new research space to accommodate our programs in Data Science and will renovate additional space to provide state-of-the-art facilities for research. We will upgrade teaching space and ensure that our student life space meets the needs of today's students.

  • Construct, consolidate, and renovate research spaces
  • Deploy classrooms and teaching spaces more efficiently
  • Adapt student life spaces to better meet the needs of students

Challenges and Opportunities

General challenges for research universities
  • Increased restraints on federal spending for research
  • Concerns about the affordability of a private education and availability of financial aid
  • Widespread concern about the cost of higher education
  • Demand for technology-rich alternatives (e.g., online courses) in higher education
  • Concern about the career prospects for graduates and the benefits of a liberal education
Additional issues for AS&E to address
  • One of the smallest faculties of any major research university
  • Faculty growth that has not fully kept up with enrollment
  • Concerns about adequacy and suitability of space for research, teaching, and student life
  • Endowment draw rate that needs to be reduced