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Undergraduate Certificate in Literary Translation

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Admission Requirements:

  1. A 200-level foreign-language course or equivalent;
  2. An upper-level literature or culture course in student’s target language;
  3. Writing sample (creative or expository);
  4. A brief essay describing the student’s interest in the program and any prior experience with foreign languages and translations.
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Return completed applications to the CLTS advisor. Application materials are also available from the CLTS advisor, or the Multidisciplinary Studies Center.

The Certificate in Literary Translation Studies is an interdisciplinary program in the humanities that provides undergraduate students with an opportunity to study the theory and practice of literary translation through coursework in:

  • International literature
  • Advanced literary studies
  • Translation
  • Language arts
  • The art and craft of writing

In addition to required and elective courses, students may also choose to participate in domestic and international internships with publishing houses or literary journals.

Students in the CLTS program will also have the opportunity to work with the new international literature publishing imprint, Open Letter, which is dedicated to translating and publishing literature from around the world.

Program Requirements

Students take seven courses in six different areas:

  1. LTS 200: Studies in Translation
  2. LTS 201: Topics in International Literature
    (can be repeated for a total of 8 credits)
  3. Language Arts and the Craft of Writing: Choose one course »»
  4. Advanced Literary Studies: Choose two courses »»
  5. LTS 395 Portfolio: This is the capstone project for the CLTS program. Under the direction of an advisor, students will complete a translation into English of a group of poems, a short story or novella, or an excerpt from a novel or play.
  6. Elective: This component may be an approved publishing internship OR one additional course from the lists of Component 3 or Component 4.

CLTS Internship Opportunities

CLTS students interested in pursuing a career in translating or publishing are encouraged to participate in one of the following internship programs:

  • Editorial internships with Open Letter, a press dedicated to translating and publishing literature from around the world;
  • International publishing internships in France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, and Spain;
  • Domestic publishing internships with publishing houses or literary magazines involved in international literature.

To complete all certificate requirements in a timely way, students should make every effort to apply to the program no later than the spring of their junior year; they must apply no later than the first week of their penultimate semester at UR.

In order to receive the Certificate in Literary Translation, students must earn a minimum GPA of 2.0 in program coursework. All coursework must be approved by the CLTS advisor.