Discover Grant Proposal Criteria for Evaluation

Please consider the following questions and criteria when drafting a Discover Grant proposal:

  • Does the proposed funding provide a new quality learning experience for one or more students, i.e., it should be a strong project with mentorship and not simply washing dishes or acting as a receptionist for a study, should make sense given the training and goals of the student(s)
  • Does the proposal enhance opportunities for quality undergraduate research at UR (directly or indirectly), i.e., does it support opportunities for student(s) now, does it enhance future possibilities, does it create an opportunity where there has not been UGR historically
  • Degree to which cost is realistic and maximizes the program’s impact in terms of creating more and better opportunities for undergraduate research, i.e., lower cost allows us to fund more projects, though a high cost project that creates many opportunities will be judged favorably.  The committee will attempt to maximize opportunities per dollar.
  • Degree to which the funding is essential to make the experience happen
  • Originality/quality/importance of proposed work
  • Likelihood of proposed work to be practical/successful in terms of being a good experience for a student i.e., mentorship plan, research plan, safety
  • Extent of buy-in on the part of the mentor/department/student
  • Timing of the request and funds available at the time
N.B. Only current UR undergraduates are eligible for pay from the Discover Grant fund; further, this funding cannot be used to pay a student who is doing the research for academic credit.  Expect a strong bias against funding proposals that request money to pay a student for research during the academic year when the opportunity to do the work for credit is available.