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Undergraduate Research Conferences

The following is a sampling of the dozens of conferences open to undergraduates. Check with your department and professors for more opportunities, and take a look at the resources section on this website. If you are seeking funding to present your research at a conference, see the research presentation awards page.

University of Rochester Undergraduate Research Exposition

The Undergraduate Research Exposition is a College-wide event in which University of Rochester students at all levels and in all areas of study are invited to present their investigative and creative work.

National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR)

The National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) promotes undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative activity in all fields of study. The annual conference gives undergraduate scholars in all fields and from all types of institutions of higher learning a forum to share the results of their work through posters, presentations, performances, and works of art.

IEEE MIT Undergraduate Research Technology Conference

The 2019 IEEE MIT Undergraduate Research Technology Conference (URTC) brings together undergraduates from around the world to present, discuss, and develop solutions to advance technology for humanity. Students may publish papers of their school projects, research, innovations, or case studies. Conference attendees will attend a rich program with keynote speeches and technical talks featuring renowned speakers, a student design competition, and networking events. The conference will also be hosted on MIT’s campus.

NCRC: The National Collegiate Research Conference at Harvard

The National Collegiate Research Conference (NCRC) is a platform for undergraduates from across the nation to share their interest in research. The Harvard College Undergraduate Research Association (HCURA) strongly believes that student researchers have the ability to make meaningful and significant contributions in all fields of study and to the greater body of world research knowledge.

Rochester Symposium for Physics Students (RSPS)

This northeast regional undergraduate research conference is held each year, typically in the latter half of the spring semester. Hosted on the campus of the University of Rochester since 1981, the symposium is hosted at other regional colleges every third year (as of 2006). At RSPS, research projects have been presented in talks by undergraduates representing regional institutions.

Syracuse University Physics Undergraduate Research Day

This event is geared toward undergraduate physics majors at schools within a few hours driving distance from Syracuse, New York. In recent years, more than 100 students from 16 colleges and universities have participated in undergraduate research day.

Undergraduate Ethics Symposium at DePauw University

The Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics fosters interdisciplinary reflection on moral issues, including questions of justice and public policy, character, duty, and responsibility. This symposium is an outstanding opportunity for student scholars, creative writers, filmmakers, and photographers to discuss their ethics-related work with leading scholars and professionals in their fields and to participate in a significant discussion of ethical concerns.

Student Research Presentation Opportunities with Sigma Xi

Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society, offers opportunities for outstanding undergraduate students to share their research through both traditional poster presentations and virtual multimedia presentations. Presentations are evaluated by career researchers to provide invaluable feedback for students. Awards are presented for outstanding research.