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2021 Undergraduate Research Expo Awards

On Friday, April 16, 2021 the Office of Undergraduate Research was proud and honored to present its annual Undergraduate Research Expo. Undergraduate researchers gave talks and presented posters that featured the wide variety and high quality of research they have done both here at the UR and all around the world. Read more here.

Here are the students who won awards for their presentations. Congratulations to them and a very big thank you to all who participated or worked behind the scenes to showcase our amazing undergraduates! Posters are available for viewing and commenting until April 15, 2022. Recorded symposium sessions will be made available soon.

Expo Awards:

  • President's Award: Awarded to the top oral presentation from each of the four disciplinary areas of the Symposium
  • Deans' Award: Awarded to the students selected for a Symposium presentation (in alphabetical order)
  • Professors' Choice Award: Awarded to four students participating in the Poster Fair, one from each of the four disciplinary areas

Engineering and Math:

  • President's Award: Margaret Flaum '22 Optical Engineering
    • Using Holography to Measure Freeform Optics
  • Deans' Award: Mimi Jung ’22 Biomedical Engineering
    • Computational Model for Epithelial Cell Reintegration
  • Deans' Award: Leonor Teles ’21 Biomedical Engineering
    • Comparison of Steady and Transient Flow in Carotid Artery CFD Simulations
  • Professor's Choice Award: Kexin Li '22 Biomedical Engineering
    • Decoding "Cocktail Party" Attention using Brain Responses to Relative Pitch


  • President's Award: Eleanor Lenoe ’21 History; Japanese
    • The Aum Affair: Censorship, Scholarship, and the Mass Media in Japanese Reactions to Terrorism
  • Deans' Award: Julia Granato ’22 Archaeology,Technology &Historical Structures; Ecology& Evolutionary Biology
    • Dead and Unburied: Human Remains in Museums
  • Deans' Award: Alydia Meinecke ’21 Biology and Dance Studies
    • Dance and Movement Patterning: A Tool to Explore the Physical Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Professor's Choice Award: Kayla Ucciferri '21 Neuroscience, Dance Studies
    • This Body Is Home: Investigating the Normalization of Disordered Eating Behaviors in College-Aged Women Through Movement

Natural Sciences:

  • President's Award: Huishan Shi ’22 Microbiology
    • Investigating the Role of the Tight Junction Protein, Claudin-1, in Differentiation and Viral Infection of Human Epidermal Cell
  • Deans' Award: Shawn Cummings ’21 Brain and Cognitive Sciences; Linguistics
    • Causal Inference in Speech Perception
  • Deans' Award: Gladiana Spitz ’21 Computational Biology
    • Social Effects of Family Members on Juvenile Fitness in the Florida Scrub-Jay
  • Professor's Choice Award: Anton Davydenko '22 Microbiology
    • Ranavirus and Chytrid Fungus Co-infection Effects in Xenopus laevis Immune System

Social Sciences:

  • President's Award: Lejla Sose ’22 Neuroscience; Psychology
    • Effects of Prenatal Stress on Cytokine Levels and Placental Vascularization
  • Deans' Award: Amanda Liang ’21 Interdepartmental Humanities: Argument & Advocacy
    • Amidst Violence: Community and Catharsis at the Site of Protest
  • Deans' Award: Pramod Manohar ’23 Economics; Mathematics
    • The Impact of Weather Shocks on Crop Yields: Evidence from India
  • Professor's Choice Award: Astghik Baghinyan '22 Health, Behavior, and Society
    • Thematic Analysis of Facebook Advertising Messages for Tobacco Products Before and After a Statewide Ban of Flavored Tobacco

Rochester chemistry professor Ignacio Franco is the 2021 recipient of the College Award for Undergraduate Teaching and Research Mentorship.

Thanks to the generous support of Frederick D. and Susan Rice Lewis in 2017, the College Award for Undergraduate Teaching and Research Mentorship recognizes a tenured faculty member in Arts, Sciences and Engineering who excels as a scholar, teacher, and mentor of undergraduate students.

This award recognizes the important relationship between classroom learning and mentorship through research opportunities. It salutes those tenured faculty members who teach large, introductory classes, as well as advanced seminars, independent study projects and mentor research experiences, especially involving laboratory training in the sciences and engineering. Dr. Lewis (PhD ’68), whose career spanned 48 years in teaching and research at Northwestern University, said that the intent of the award is to “reward tenured faculty members who continue to fulfill the promise, every day and every year, of being outstanding teachers, mentors, and scholars.”