Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use this job posting board?
This listing service focuses on research/lab positions currently open at the university. Our aim is to help students with a serious interest in research find position in labs with active and ongoing research projects. It differs from the Student Employment Opportunity listing in that there is not necessarily a work-study eligibility requirement for these positions.
Why is it faculty choose not to post opportunities using this service?

It could be that they are unaware of the service. It would not hurt to mention it to faculty. However, in some areas of study it is common for undergraduate research projects to be developed over time as a partnership between a student and faculty member with similar interests. It is very unlikely such a thing would be posted as a job opportunity. This service is not a substitute for networking in your area of interest.
How do I post my research/lab opening?
To post your open position, click on the Log In link located on the job listing page. You will then be asked to log in before creating your posting.
What do I need to login?
In order to post your open position on the job posting board, you will need your NetID and NetID Password.
What information will I need to post my research/lab opening?
When posting an open research/lab position on this job posting board you will be asked to provide several pieces of information. Please provide an accurate job title, the research topic/subject that will be supported by the position, department name and the name and email address of a faculty member directly responsible for this position who will be the contact. You will need to provide several keywords that can be used to identify/locate the job posting.
A detailed job description of the position will also be required. In the job description, please clearly outline the tasks to be performed on a regular basis, the goals of the job, any skills or prerequisites needed to perform the job, where the position will be located, and the hours of the position. Indicate if the position if for credit or pay or if there is a requirement for work-study eligibility.
How do I know if my job posting has been accepted?
All job postings will be reviewed for content quality and completeness. It should be assumed that your posting will be accepted unless otherwise contacted by the Office of Undergraduate Research.
What do I do if the job has been filled before the posting expires?
All jobs will be posted for an automatic four (4) weeks. Should your position be filled before the four weeks have expired, please log on to the web site to remove your posting early.
Can I repost/extend the job posting if the position has not been filled by the expiration date?
Yes, you can. Please log on to the web site to extend the duration of your job posting.